White Gown with Rainbow Overskirt

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OK, this time I’m just resorting to the rainbows as an apology! I’m sorry for having such a sparse February. Hopefully March will be a little better… I hope you like this gown, I’m afraid it looked better in my head, so I was a little down about it, but as Brian says, “they can’t see into your head, so it’s OK!” For which we are all very grateful, I am sure.

By the way, in 2009 I watched the red carpet for that year’s Oscars and drew three of the gowns – “livedolling,” I called it. I didn’t do it last year, but I’m going to do it this year! (It’ll be especially nice now that I have a scanner that doesn’t scan everything with those bands…) So join me on the evening of the 27th for all the great gowns. If any of you other paperdoll bloggers want to join me, too, that’d be a lot of fun!

Black Masquerade Gown with Rainbow Underskirt

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I guess that the key to the hearts of my paperdoll girls (of all ages) is a dress with unabashed rainbows. I will remember that! I admitted to someone recently that sometimes I put up polls purely for validation and attention, not so much because I care about the outcome of the question: I love seeing the numbers go up and knowing you’re all out there, some days. And perhaps, now, we’ll add another behavior to that tendency: just as on days when I draw mostly in white, it probably means I’m tired and don’t want to paperdoll, on days when I draw rainbows, it will probably mean I need the twin boosts of bright colors and uncritical adulation!

Ah, but I don’t need that today… Today is just a bonus because I’m charmed by the response, and I love you all. I’m not permanently switching to a rainbow-centric approach, no worries… Saturday’s dress will probably be rather more somber.

Prismacolors used: Crimson Red, Tuscan Red, Poppy Red, Pumpkin Orange, Denim Blue, Goldenrod, Canary Yellow, Light Cerulean Blue, Cool Grey 70%, Lilac, Violet, Black Grape, Spring Green, Apple Green, Olive Green, Chocolate, Black, Peach, colorless blender, Sakura Souffle in white

Ballgown with Rainbow Skirt and Black Bodice

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I couldn’t properly tell you if this is the product of a good mood or a bad one. I work best when my heart feels brilliant; gloom separates me from ultramarine and crimson red as surely as a broken hand would. But sometimes I overdo it, too.

Oh, well, it was fun, and I’m sure someone will make a good collage out of it on Polyvore someday!

Lavender and Blue Medieval Gown with Blue Roses

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Sorry for the extended silence! (That goes for my neglected drawing circle, too. I hope you all haven’t abandoned it yet.) There are times when nothing I touch seems to go right, and the very idea of sitting down to try to draw something seems ridiculous. But hopefully I’ve stopped the cycle before it turns into weeks of inactivity.

Janani won my last contest, and wrote:

How about the black and white medieval gown with flower garlands? I’m not sure how this will look, but maybe pale blue, kind of translucent sleeves, a light, maybe lavender skirt, with a slightly darker blouse, and maybe darker blue flowers?

I hope you like this rendition of it, Janani! By the way, Janani and her friend started their own paper doll blog, Silent Moonstone, so check it out!