The Peignoir of Pestilence in Black

Click for larger version (PNG); click for PDF version. Click here for the list of dolls.

I’m feeling sick – or, rather, I’m feeling the impending doom of hurting ears and lightheadedness that points to about an evening’s worth of grace before I become useless for a couple of days. That gives me time to make a nice big vat of soup (chickpea noodle – the ailing vegetarian’s specialty) and draw a paperdoll outfit that lets me vent my frustration at a promising weekend being spoiled. I haven’t been sick in a while, but somehow that doesn’t make me feel any more cheerful! I was going to do all sorts of fun stuff, and now I will probably spend the weekend in bed napping and trolling Hulu for stuff to watch. (If you’d like to ease my suffering, please recommend shows or movies on Hulu that require little or no brainpower to enjoy. I have a particular weakness for ridiculous anime when I’m feeling sick, keep in mind ^^;;)

The last time I remember feeling really sick, I drew an outfit for the fairy of illness and disease, and I suppose it’s time to propitiate her once more. That outfit felt more formal to me, but this is just the sort of thing you need when you’re lounging around and being evil. The Peignoir of Pestilence, let’s say.

Depending on how I feel by Saturday, there may or may not be a new outfit in this space. I’m growing too tired to even really finish this one like it deserves, but I thought I had best post it anyways. You can kind of see where I was going with it, even if I didn’t get there in the end.