Livedolling the Oscars: Anne Hathaway’s Red Gown, Natalie Portman’s Purple Gown, Gwyneth Paltrow’s White Gown and Amy Adams’ Blue Gown

Click for larger version (PNG):red gown, purple gown, white gown, blue gown,; click for PDF version: red gown, purple gown, white gown, blue gown, Click here for the list of dolls.

Oscars Contest: The contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered!

8:43 PST: And there’s my last dress – Amy Adam’s gown. Yes, I know that those four thumbnails look awful, maybe I’ll fix it tomorrow… Anyways, thanks to those of you who entered the contest and followed along! This was a lot of fun, I hope to do it again next year.

8:36 PST: Congratulations to Brian and Angie – they both guessed Alice in Wonderland for Costume Design, Colin Firth for Best Actor, Natalie Portman for Best Actress and The King’s Speech for Best Picture!

8:25 PST: Four people so far have gotten three of the four categories right…

7:22 PST: Well, I’ve done three – I can kill my fingers on Amy Adam’s dress now, I think.

7:20 PST: Hm, now what? I’d do Helena Bonham-Carter’s dress if I had Cool Grey 90% or 70%, but both are too small to sharpen… Bored now

7:00 PST: Only one commenter guessed a movie besides Alice in Wonderland for Best Costume Design… so the field is still wide open. :)

6:59 PST: And Alice in Wonderland has it!

6:57 PST: I thought I’d take a stab at Gwyneth Paltrow’s shiny dress – unlike most of the things I draw, I think it turned out better scanned than the original! I took a little artistic license with the placement of the gold ornament. The costume design Oscar is coming up… I wonder if anyone’s going to win my contest?

6:16 PST: Finished Natalie Portman’s dress! And now… hmmm.

5:38 PST: I like Anne Hathaway’s new dress better than the red one! Great patterns… sparkly too

5:33 PST: Trying to figure out how to watch online – maybe it’s just a ploy to get people to pay the $5 for the extra content, but the Oscars official site seems a lot more fussy than necessary. This site seems to work – hat tip to ask mefi. Lys did a fantastic drawing of Mila Kunis’ gown!

4:53 PST: In contrast, I could probably finish Reese Witherspoon’s in about twenty minutes – not necessarily a compliment. Next will probably be Natalie Portman or Helena Bonham-Carter, but I haven’t decided yet.

4:48 PST: I do like the color on Amy Adams’ gown and the green jewelry she’s wearing, and I would probably draw it if I didn’t mind killing my hands for the evening…

4:45 PST: Anne Hathaway’s red Valentino gown! I’ve been listening to the red carpet patter, but I’ve only taken a few glances away from the drawing, so now it’s time to pick another one…

3:40 PST: I guess I’ll start with Anne Hathaway, seeing as how she’s hosting. Incidentally, I’m looking at Getty Images’ Academy Awards Arrivals page for close-ups. Again, if there’s a better source, pass it on!

3:00 PM PST: The Oscars site says that the red carpet starts in an hour, but the AP live stream is already going. I guess the dresses won’t really be here for a bit, so time to get my colored pencils together…

10:15 AM PST: Welcome, everyone! Before this gets started, two things:

1) Let’s have a special Oscars contest! In the comments section, post your guesses for which movies will win Best Picture and Best Costume Design, and which actors will win Best Leading Actor and Best Leading Actress. (Click for the list of nominated movies.) The contest is closed when Best Costume Design is announced, one guess per person please, and it’s open to anyone. The prize for anyone who gets the right combination is a black and white outfit of your choice colored by me as you like, plus something new for the first person to guess correctly… :)

2) And how about an Oscars poll?

See you all in a few hours!

36 thoughts on “Livedolling the Oscars: Anne Hathaway’s Red Gown, Natalie Portman’s Purple Gown, Gwyneth Paltrow’s White Gown and Amy Adams’ Blue Gown

  1. Oh wow, I’m first to comment! WOO HOO!

    Best Actor: Colin Firth

    Best Actress: Hallie Steinfield

    Best Picture: Alice in Wonderland

    Best Costume Design: Ditto

  2. I have seen zero of the movies associated with my picks … but I’d put money on these:

    * Best Picture: The King’s Speech

    * Costume Design: Alice in Wonderland

    * Lead Actor: Colin Firth

    * Lead Actress: Natalie Portman

  3. I guessed Alice in Wonderland for costume design, but if I’d actually seen The King’s Speech yet, I probably would have picked it instead.

  4. Oh shoot. I don’t pay attention at all. Here goes.
    Best Picture: The King’s Speech
    Costume Design: Alice in Wonderland
    Lead Actor: Christian Bale
    Lead Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

  5. Best Picture: The King’s Speech
    Costume Design: True Grit
    Lead Actor: Colin Firth
    Lead Actress: Natalie Portman

  6. I’m gonna have to go with

    Best Picture: Black Swan
    Costume Design: Alice in Wonderland
    Lead Actor: Colin Firth
    Lead Actress: Natalie Portman

  7. Best Picture: Toy Story 3 or The King’s Speech
    Costume Design: Alice in Wonderland
    Best Actor: Colin Firth
    Best Actress: Natalie Portman

    If “How to Train your Dragon” gets Best Animated and not “Toy Story 3” I will not be happy.

  8. I’m not sure about much, but
    best picture – Alice in Wonderland
    Best Costume design – Alice in wonderland
    Best Actor – Christian Bale
    Best Actress – Hallie Steinfield (and if you’ve seen her dress yet, it’s totally something i’d like seen dolled :) It’s beautiful, and it’s totally worth your talent)

  9. oh, poo.. I probably should have looked at the nominees first –
    Best Picture changed to – The Social Network
    Best Actress – Natalie Portman
    Best Actor – Jeff Bridges
    and costume design will be Alice in wonderland :)

  10. The last few dresses have been so pretty! LOVE the Dawn Treader one. I’m really excited to see what you do tonight.

    I don’t follow these things though, so I’ll just vote for the movies/actors I’ve actually heard of…

    Best Picture: Inception
    Best Costume: Alice in Wonderland
    Best Actor: Colin Firth
    Best Actress: Natalie Portman

    BTW, if you do Natalie Portman’s dress, are you going to include the baby bump? That would be interesting. ;-)

  11. I think we can all agree that this year’s Academy Awards were great. They were a celebration of everything that’s wonderful about Hollywood — about all of the magical moments that movies brings into our lives; in particular, the magical moment when intrinsically superior people like ANGIE and ME win the contest, thereby demonstrating how awesome we are.

  12. In an alternate version of “The Lord of The Rings”, the Council of Elrond determines that the only way to get the One Ring safely to Mordor is to deliver it using an iconic promotional vehicle from 20th century American culture. Please color the black and white elf gown (with circlet) to suit an fair elfin maiden as she pilots the following vehicle to Mordor:

  13. Awesome dresses, so glad Natalie Portman won, and that Social Network didn’t.

    Also, the blue dress PDF link comes up as “Not Found” =(

  14. After looking at all the pictures, Natalie Portman’s dress was the prettiest there. And I think Helen Bonam Carter’s dress would have been awesome for a paper doll. So quirky with her British flag

    I would have liked to see more picts of the dresses Anne Hathaway wore during the show though. Especially the burgundy one. Which dress of hers did you like best Liana?

  15. Brian you are awesome! I can’t wait to see how that dress turns out. I love all your inventive and over the top dresses, Liana – so this could become a favourite. By the way thank you for your many wonderful dresses over the last years. I have become quite addicted to your blog.

  16. hey liana- i dont think you got to read my question before so ill ask again- is the answer to your poll from 0ctober 2009 kanye west?

  17. to be more specific it was october 12, 2009 and the question was:

    “I learned my technique for coloring gold (fabric, metal) a while back, when I tried copying a costume from a specific singer or musical group. Which singer / musical group was it?”

  18. Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and posted comments! It was a lot more fun to watch the Oscars this way :) Congratulations to Brian and Angie – Angie, your coloring suggestion sounds good, I’ll probably do it soon. (Brian, I’ll do yours..eventually)
    I fixed the blue gown PDF, too.
    Sara, I liked that shiny blue gown on her very much.. I thought she looked pretty cute in a tuxedo though :)
    Caity, it’s unlikely, as I try to limit straight-up reproductions of other dresses these days. Not completely, it depends on the situation, but I’m very unlikely to faithfully redraw a Disney dress.
    Shannon, the answer was the Spice Girls, and it was answered in this post:

  19. @Kelly, I am lys! I’m a freelance illustrator and a big fan of Liana’s lovely paperdolls :D So I decided to join in the “livedolling.”

  20. The red dress you have posted is a design that is beautiful style that would make any teenage girl want to wear for promb. I printed it for my friends ad they agree, and all the the dresses are beautiful but the red one is what grabs my attention greatly.

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