1885 Ball Gown in Blue, White and Silver

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Angie was one of the two people who guessed all four winners for Best Picture, Best Costume Design, Best Actor and Best Actress, and her coloring request was:

How do you think the 1885 Black and White Ballgown done in a dark blue with silver and white accents would look?

Well, here’s how it looks – I hope you like it, Angie!

The other winner was my husband – after some deliberation, I decided to allow him to participate, but I regretted that when he chose the winners (using, according to him, the most cynical selection technique possible). You can go see for yourself what he’s making me do, I don’t want to think about it until I have to do it!

13 thoughts on “1885 Ball Gown in Blue, White and Silver

  1. That is quite pretty. I don’t usually care for that sort of dress (too many frills), but that is very lovely in those colours.

  2. it is lovely. as for your husband’s choice i think he gave you free reign to colour that how you want, since it is a what you think she would wear. What she wears may have nothing to do with the colours of the truck or the truck at all, she may be using that for convience, but still didn’t have time to change out of her normal clothes. just my take, but maybe it’s cheating.

  3. I love his dress! Angie(?) did really well picking out the colors!

    I’m anxious to see how the dress Brian chose turns out….

  4. The dress itself is a bit girly for me, but the colors make it seem more mysterious. Lovely, as usual, Liana!

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