Fairy of Illness and Disease in Black and Vile Colors

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I’ve been sick with bronchitis and ear infections since the 13th. As it is now the 23rd, and I am just now getting to the point where I feel better, if I don’t stand up and move around too much, and I may have to go to the doctor again tomorrow if this annoying bubble in my ears doesn’t go away, well, I am a little grumpy about the whole thing. Brian (who caught it from me just in time for Startup Weekend, the poor thing) and I have gone through bottles and bottles of ginger ale and I am quite thoroughly sick of Amy’s no-chicken noodle soup. Worst of all, my classes got reorganized since I was out for so long. I feel depressed and adrift and desperately unhappy, which is hard enough to feel without adding congestion, a persistent cough, ear infections and fatigue.

For Anna I drew a couple of evil fairy outfits when I was feeling down about things, which turned out to be some of my favorites from that series, so I thought it would be therapeutic to draw one for this series too. This fairy spreads illness and disease, and as you can see she is rather less restrained by her clothes than malice or bad luck. She’s quite efficient, beautiful in that consumptive way, and very fond of hideous shades of green. She seems to visit me more often than I would like. Maybe if I picture her and put such energy in her beloved shades of puce and chartreuse it will appease her, and then I can wake up refreshed, breathe deeply and take a nice, long walk.

8 thoughts on “Fairy of Illness and Disease in Black and Vile Colors

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that you have the blahs. Illness is never fun, but is particularly annoying in the summertime.

    But your malice green dress is a stunner.

    Hope you feel better and I’m sending healing thoughts your way!

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