Contest Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered my paperdoll music outfit contest! I used to generate five numbers for me, minimum 1, maximum 19 (throwing out Carrie’s accidental double posts and Meggie’s straight request), and here they were:

  • 15: Bella’s entry of Diana Ross and the Supremes
  • 9: Meag’s entry of Lady Gaga
  • 11: Keegan’s entry of Johann Pachelbel
  • 12: Isobel’s entry of Concrete Blonde
  • 14: Brian’s entry of The Nields

I kind of regret this contest, because now I want to draw something based on every single thing that was suggested. So I might have to do it again, if I enjoy drawing all the outfits that will come from it.

I will think about the winners, and try to devote next week to creating the costumes. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Halloween Costume Series Day 9: Black Turtleneck Jumpsuit with Red Energy Dome from Devo’s Whip It video

Click for larger version; click for the list of dolls.

Here’s today’s entry, just mildly obscure (and thrown together quickly — there are days where, if the drawing and post take more than an hour combined, it just won’t happen, and today’s one of them). It’s the outfit the members of Devo wear in their video for Whip It, not forgetting, of course, the Energy Dome (and you can pretend there’s a little hard hat liner in there, too, if it pleases you). Brian’s favorite Devo song is Beautiful World but Whip It always puts me into a good mood when I’m feeling grumpy.

There’ll be a new poll soon, so vote in this one now!