Queens of the Sea #9: Red Patchwork Tunic for Winnie Flapjack from Random Magic by Sasha Soren

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Welcome to day nine of the Queens of the Sea series, part of the Random Magic Pirates book tour! Here is the mini-bio for today’s pirate, provided again by Lyrika:

Winnie Flapjack: The Future Pirate Queen

Winnie Flapjack is the main character from Random Magic, a girl of distinctly piratical disposition who bests a pirate king and finds her own destiny waiting for her on the waves.

She crosses paths with bemused book-jumper Henry Witherspoon when he quite accidentally helps her rescue herself from a fate worse than death.

Orphaned at birth and essentially a scrappy loner with a gift for magic and sarcasm, she’s brave, feisty, abrupt, resourceful, very loyal and also very tricky.

As Henry soon finds out, he’ll have reason to thank his lucky stars a thousand times for having Winnie by his side — if the experience doesn’t kill him, first.

Winnie is described as wearing a red patchwork tunic; I pulled out all my most random colors for the fabric scrap patterns, because this is indeed a very random book! I still do intend to review it, but I’m not finished with it yet so I don’t want to review it prematurely. When I do, I’ll post it here.

Tomorrow is the last day for this series, and I’m going to have two polls: one for your favorite pirate story out of the ten, and one for your favorite pirate outfit. I’ll definitely do another outfit for the winner of “favorite outfit” — if I’m really ambitious, I might do a second outfit for the one who wins “favorite story.” I’ll try to get it up nice and early, so don’t forget to come by and vote!

The contests will be open until May 27th, 11:59 PM Pacific time. So if you haven’t entered, be sure to write your comment today! Click here for the chance to win an original drawing, for those of you who can give me an address if you win, and click here for the chance to design a pirate outfit, open to everyone!

Check out the tour schedule here! And for more information about Random Magic, here’s the trailer for the book.

Also, check out the Rum + Plunder treasure hunt for more pirate prizes!

Scribblenauts Outfit with Rooster Hat and Pencil

Click for larger version (PNG); click for PDF version. Click here for the list of dolls.

So while I promised you all four weeks of to-be-determined Halloween themes, this did leave three days at the beginning of the month, and those I promised to my husband. One of those he graciously returned for my use so I could make an October birthday dress in a timely fashion; the other two days I’m drawing as he wishes.

This first day is devoted to an outfit from the game Scribblenauts. It’s a DS puzzle game where you can solve challenges by writing almost any noun you can think of, then using it in some fashion. For example, in one level near the beginning, you have to knock over a stack of bottles without using “guns or cheating.” I created a bowling ball and tossed it at the bottles. Brian summoned a whale and dropped it directly over the stack. (We’ve been having these conversations that go like this: “How did you get past this stage? NO WAY. You can do that?” He also schooled me on proper summoning of Scribblenaut zombies…)

Anyways, this outfit belongs to the main character, Maxwell (although you can use different avatars in the game – I like running around as a bride). It’s pretty flat, but then the game is like that, so it works out well enough.

I’m sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday. I am almost all done with another paper doll, but her head is all wrong and I haven’t got it fixed to my satisfaction yet. I’ll try to put her up soon, though.

Tomorrow, we have Mega Man (OK, technically we have Sniper Joe, and probably with a cute little skirt at that). And then soon, in a surprise upset, Lord of the Rings beats fairies for week one of Halloween… For most of the time fairies had a comfortable lead. I would think some LOTR fansite linked to me, except for that I don’t see anything like that in my referrers… I guess the poll is not quite done yet, so it could still change, but I’m thinking starting next Sunday is hobbit o’clock.

Halloween Costume Series Day 9: Black Turtleneck Jumpsuit with Red Energy Dome from Devo’s Whip It video

Click for larger version; click for the list of dolls.

Here’s today’s entry, just mildly obscure (and thrown together quickly — there are days where, if the drawing and post take more than an hour combined, it just won’t happen, and today’s one of them). It’s the outfit the members of Devo wear in their video for Whip It, not forgetting, of course, the Energy Dome (and you can pretend there’s a little hard hat liner in there, too, if it pleases you). Brian’s favorite Devo song is Beautiful World but Whip It always puts me into a good mood when I’m feeling grumpy.

There’ll be a new poll soon, so vote in this one now!