Liz Patterson’s Final Wedding Dress with Teal and Lavender Roses from For Better or For Worse

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Since my 1940s wedding dress attached to a rant on For Better or For Worse is one of the more popular dresses on the blog, I feel like I should bring the saga to a close. Dee ended up altering the supposedly sixty-something-year old dress into something reasonably modern, the Ghost of Grandma made up for fanciful logic on the part of the cartoonist, the flowers were hideous and Liz ended up marrying that creep. All the way up until the vows were said I was hoping Liz would come to her senses, but immediately after that scene I was so over the whole thing, as evidenced by my putting off the dress for four months. If the end of the saga was boring its weird rebirth is mind-numbingly dreary, although sometimes I visit the Foobiverse!’s Journal out of nostalgia and their second-hand psychoanalysis of Lynn is amusing at times. I still follow Foob’s Paradise, though, which is a webcomic that continues the Pattersons’ adult lives.

Since I get so many search queries related to weddings, I’m thinking of doing some sort of “wedding week” perhaps, maybe after Christmas. If you have any pictures of wedding dresses you just love, feel free to post links in the comments so I can get inspired!

The Good Queen is so far holding her own over the other dead queen and the rest of her competitors. She would say that’s only the way things should be, but it’s not over yet. I will do a bonus costume or two for whoever wins, so if you adore one of them get your vote in, send your friends over, post to your weblog and beg your readers to vote for your favorite!

Two Halloween Costumes (Witch and Jester) from Liana’s Paperdoll Boutique

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Hey, ten days in a row of drawing without resorting to my old Boutique outfits, not bad right? Today we got a new kitten, so I’m kind of distracted. So, here’s a witch and a jester — one obviously a lot newer than the other, I still like the jester costume.

Here’s the poll..

Halloween Costume Series Day 13: Greek Goddess White Chiton with Blue and Purple Patterns

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Here we have a generic Greek goddess wearing a white chiton, edged with blue and purple patterns. Since it is a costume, call her Hera or Aphrodite or Hestia or whoever, but I don’t think this one quite works as Artemis, not very good for hunting. This one broke the “no research” Halloween rule; it’s modeled after this image from Ancient Greek Female Costume. I should just do a proper costume, which seems to be a rather different beast than a regular old chiton…

Who knew the Green Princess was such a force to be reckoned with? I may have to take another look at her and her story. In the meantime, vote vote vote…

Halloween Costume Series Day 7: Red Satin Vampire Dress with Silver-Edged Black Capelet and Black Bat Lace

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When Brian writes me a vampire story, it will go here. I just couldn’t let this dress wait, though! I mean, it’s got bats.

To cut out the collar, cut down across the white line and cut out the blank space over the chest, then slip the black part behind the doll’s neck. It’s one of those things that should work in theory…

While waiting for the vampire story, please amuse yourself with this week’s poll: