Blue, White and Purple Ancient Greek Peplos with Gold Jewelry

A blue peplos, which is a sleeveless draped garment held up with pins at the shoulders. The top is folded over and is light blue, fading to white at the hem at the waist. At the edge of the fabric is a gold heart and line pattern. Underneath is the skirt part, which is a rich blue, turning purple towards the hem. At the hem of the ankle-length skirt are gold line, wave and scroll patterns. There is a bracelet with two large purple stones, a gold necklace with purple stones and gold drops and a diadem with a heart pattern and purple gems.This outfit is the result of my second contest, which I held over Twitter. An ancient Greek outfit won out over a 1930s dress or a fairy outfit, so I started a Pinterest board and did some research into what they were like. Happily, in this day and age plenty of the relevant information is easily available for free!

I’d be happy to hear about other good sources of information — for all I know, something new has been found since these books were printed! I wanted to read these books thoroughly and do more research, but didn’t have time. So I will probably continue, albeit slowly, even though this outfit is all done.

The winner of the contest, chosen by a random drawing, was Karen Martin, and here’s what she requested:

I think for colors, I’d like white, blue, and gold, with maybe some purple thrown in?

She also got to choose from a list of patterns, and she chose the wave, scroll and heart patterns you see on the outfit. So here it is! Karen, I hope you like it.

Let’s start a new contest! Part 1 is a poll, which will close next Thursday. Once I know what I’ll do next, I’ll do my research and draw a sketch, then hold the contest on the 21st. Here are your options…

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Two More Greek Dresses from Liana’s Paper Doll Boutique

Click for the doll.

Today is our travel day, and the last day of Boutique posts, I should think. (Tomorrow is a repeat, too, but not from the Boutique…) So here I finish out the Greek section from the Historical category from the Boutique.

I’ve enjoyed my vacation very much, but I’m looking forwards to getting back to drawing every day again! I’ve got some holiday plans…

The poll ends tomorrow, so take it soon!

Two Greek Dresses from Liana’s Paper Doll Boutique

Click for the doll.

So we’re back at my mom and dad’s place now. I’m glad that I scheduled all those posts, because I was much more able to enjoy my time away from Internet access knowing that all those princess gowns were appearing day after day! Today, it sounds like there’s some shopping to do.

It’ll be a little time until I actually do more drawing, I think, so in the meantime here are two dresses from the Boutique, both Greek gowns from the Historical section of the page.

Poll’s quite interesting, I think…

Halloween Costume Series Day 13: Greek Goddess White Chiton with Blue and Purple Patterns

Click for larger version; click for the list of dolls.

Here we have a generic Greek goddess wearing a white chiton, edged with blue and purple patterns. Since it is a costume, call her Hera or Aphrodite or Hestia or whoever, but I don’t think this one quite works as Artemis, not very good for hunting. This one broke the “no research” Halloween rule; it’s modeled after this image from Ancient Greek Female Costume. I should just do a proper costume, which seems to be a rather different beast than a regular old chiton…

Who knew the Green Princess was such a force to be reckoned with? I may have to take another look at her and her story. In the meantime, vote vote vote…