Blue, Black and Gold Angel Gown for Low’s “Long Way Around The Sea”

A flowing, loose gown made of three layers. The innermost layer is a light blue tunic with wide sleeves that fall to the wrist and a full hemline that reaches to the feet. The hem, edge of the sleeves and neck are edged with gold trim. Over that are two sleeveless tunics. The one on the outside is dark blue and open in the front, while the one underneath that is dark blue and crosses in a V at the front near the waistline so that the light blue of the first tunic is visible. The entire dress is belted at the waist with a gold rope belt, which is tied in a bow at the side and has long ends that fall to the knee. The edges of the two top tunics are draped in soft folds which show the gold reverse side of the fabric, and the edges are staggered so that you can see part of the black tunic under the blue one and part of the light blue tunic under the black one. The edges of all three skirts fan out in a trumpet shape near the hem.Click for larger version (PNG); click for PDF version. Click here for the list of dolls.

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it! To those of you who don’t, happy end of December, and apologies for the incessant Christmas cacophony.

Lyrika asked me and a bunch of other bloggers to write about one of our favorite Christmas carols this year for one of her Random Magic tours. You can – and should – see the other bloggers’ picks by checking the schedule: Songs of the Season.

I love most Christmas carols and know a whole lot of them, thanks to playing the piano as a kid, so it was tough to decide on just one; I decided to go with one that I wouldn’t expect most readers to have heard before, Low’s “Long Way Around The Sea.” Low is a group that my husband is really into, but I know very little about them other than that I love their Christmas album. “Long Way Around The Sea” is a melancholy song with a classic feeling about the three wise men being warned by an angel against going back to see Herod after visiting the baby Jesus.

I have a real weakness for such dark-sounding songs, and somehow this one puts me in mind of dark colors like black and blue. Even the angel is dressed in a relatively subdued way because she doesn’t want to call attention to herself. No, no, don’t look at me, I picture her saying, just hurry and head back that-a-way instead, OK?

32 thoughts on “Blue, Black and Gold Angel Gown for Low’s “Long Way Around The Sea”

  1. This is an absolutely gorgeous dress, Liana. And I like the song choice! You’re right, I’d never heard it before. And being the music freak that I am, it’s nice to find a new song, especially a good one. It certainly is less light-hearted than most Christmas carols, but maybe I love it so much just for that reason. :) Again, dress is gorgeous. I love the flowiness of it all, something I haven’t seen you do for a while.

  2. Wow. This is amazing… It reminds me of the long lost mermaid dolls you did that were so beautiful :'( i miss them so dearly. I wish they would reappear…

  3. Liana, I’ve come across your site and I think it’s absolutely amazing! Thank you very much for your wonderful drawings, from now on I’m a great fan of yours.)

  4. Beautiful dress!!! Hope you had a lovely Christmas!!! By the way, I just wanted to ask about the site you mentioned that would let you make your own paper dolls… Are you still going to post the link to it? How was your Christmas?

  5. I am throwing a birthday party for my 7 year old its a princess and pirate party and she asked for paper dolls> I just love yours. I will give credit> the kids will love playing with them and after she should have lots of fun with all the clothing. i just wish you had a boy doll because its a boy/girl party and the only boy pirate/prince i dolls i can find look BAD when they are next to your stuff :)

  6. I love the colors! some of your dresses have given me inspiration for my writing which is getting slightly harder now that I’m a freshman in high school (lots of homework!), but I’m getting there! You can find my stories online at Search MystieMcGothic (yes, that’s the right spelling)and you can read them for yourself. You can read other stories from other rising authors, too. (My real name is also in my profile.) Please, check out my stories!

  7. I love all your dolls and dresses! You are so incredibly creative and talented. You have inspired me to continue writing my fantasy fiction, simply because when I imagine my characters wearing your designs they look so elegant and mystical. Thank you so much for doing these! All the love to you and your baby!

  8. Have u left us for good this time? Are u never coming back? I really miss your paper doll artistry. I miss your flair for color and your awesome stories.

  9. Please please *please* come back soon, Liana! You’re an inspiration for all the dresses I do in my drawings, and what’s more, you’ve made me less afraid of my meager arsenal of Prismacolors. Yours is by far the best paper doll blog on the web–it’s incredible! Especially the dragon masquerade gown. 8o 8D My all-time fave! You *must* do some flower-based fairy dresses, along with a jester’s outfit or five, they would be superlative! And best wishes on the baby! 8D

  10. Beautiful dress! :) One problem, they never actually said anything about female angels in the bible, yet, everyone shows females. :P The look male and are quite large, scary and carrie big huge swords!!!

    I hope you come back soon!

  11. Snuck in on Brian’s blog and read that you had your baby boy. Congratulations! Being a mother of two myself I know that it will probably take a while before you have the energy to draw again. So I just wanted to say: Take your time and enjoy your family. We will be here when you return.

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