Blue Gown with Gold Trim

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Hello! See, I promised I would stay alive long enough to start drawing again.

To those of you who are still checking in on this page, thank you for your patience! I’m not too sure what things are going to look like, so I’m not necessarily going to go back to the old schedule just yet, but I am going to try to get back into the drawing habit. Please don’t rush to suggest things that I should draw, it will tire me out ^^;;

For those of you who aren’t already reading it, I wanted to highlight the awesome paper doll blog Paper Thin Personas. RLC has been drawing some wonderful, varied sets lately, as well as showing us what her sketches look like, and seeing an update pop up in my RSS reader never fails to make me smile. (She’s also been posting regularly, I could stand to take some lessons!)

I’ll write more another day, but for now please enjoy this blue gown. I suppose it’s a little nightgown-ish, but at least it’s better than the previous dress I posted. (You can really tell when I’m well and truly sick of drawing, I’m afraid.)

39 thoughts on “Blue Gown with Gold Trim

  1. My many-times-a-day constant checking-in has finally paid off! Hurrah!! Gorgeous, simple gown with some nice trimming ^_^ *prints*

  2. Liana, we all missed you! I’ve been checking back not as much as I had previously, I’m sorry to say…but I’m so thankful that I checked today! This dress is gorgeous! It’s really pretty, I love this shade of blue. :)

  3. We’re so glad you’re back! I’ve been cutting out many of your outfits from the first months of this blog and it’s very neat to see how your drawing has improved. (Scanners may have had something to do with it. But only a little bit.)

  4. Thank you for the kind words, Liana. Now, I feel bad about slacking off the last couple of weeks :) It’s so nice to have you back among us and I can’t wait to see what beautiful clothes come next.

  5. Hey! Remember me?




    Nah. >_> It’s Saetbyull, BTW. That weird little girl who used to suck so badly at drawing. I’ve gotten better! =] I just randomly thought of this site last night and came to check it out. You done that paper doll creator yet? I’m waiting for it. =]


  6. So glad your back! And its awesome! Also take as long as you want in between dresses! Just as long as its more than once a year ;)

  7. It’s so great to see that you’re back! I guess it’s time to start checking every day again :) The dress is gorgeous– the blue color is simply lovely.

  8. Hi Liana – i came across a beautiful design of yours and cannot find it again!!??? …i guess it was for halloween black and orange with a skull detail in the middle at the waist and spider web detail on the skirt……please can you tell me where i can find it again?? kind regards

  9. I just found your website and I love it, but do you think you could do another doll or post the site where you could make are own. But, I will continue to visit your site regularly. When will you add a new post? Cant wait!!

  10. Wow, wou are sucth an amazing artist. How did you geet so good? Do you have a devantart account? How old are you? Do you wish to be my friend? Sorry, that is a random refrence to a show back when tv was good. So yah. You are realy good.

  11. so I came online this morning and said…i should check Liana’s and im SO glad I did!!!! welcome back!
    I love this dress, its gorgeous! It reminds me of something Barbra Streisand would have worn in one of her films! :D

  12. Just wondering, but do you know when your going to post again?? I come back everyday hoping you’ll have put something new up. Also, when will you post your next contest? I would love to enter in one!!

  13. Could you please do a peacock victorian masquerade costume since it’s October? I wan’t to make a peacock masquerade costume that’s victorian, but I have some problems coming up with a design.

  14. Here’s easy inspiration, Liana – just give us the most elaborate and fantastical wedding gown that your brilliant imagination can invent!

  15. Hi I just found your website and love all the outfits and was wondering when your going to post again??? and i second the ideas for the peacock outfit and the wedding gown!

  16. Just found the site two days ago and I love it all- already gone all the way through the site- and the archives- and followed all the links- I even love your dolls, which you say are bad, but I like them better than pretty much all the dolls online-even the non-free ones! All the stuff is awesome and although I really like seeing the new dresses, even more than the ones you made in high school, it’s fun to see those too- especially since I am a geeky sophomore in high school- just like you were when you started your old site.

  17. My favorite dressup game is called Moon Princess from Sweety Games. Google it. It’s the best, most beautiful, vivid and lovely dressup game I’ve played.

    Moon Princess Sweety Games is what you should google.

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