Blue and White Gown, and a Vacation Announcement

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Well, I may as well make it official… I haven’t really felt inspired to draw for some time now, and I have some other projects that I’ve been really into lately, so I’m going to take a bit of a paperdoll vacation. I’ll post if I happen to feel like drawing something, but I won’t stick to a schedule. I’ll come back, because I always do, but I couldn’t say when; I am thinking probably within a couple of months.

If you’re wondering if I’m still alive, your best bet is to check my Twitter feed. (But I don’t lead a dangerous life, so there’s no need to worry!) Thank you all for your patience with me, and check back in a while!

60 thoughts on “Blue and White Gown, and a Vacation Announcement

  1. This reminds me of that birthday gown you did, the one with orange flowers and trim? Now we have Fire and Ice

  2. It looks like a waterfall down the center =)

    Have a good paperdoll vacation, and come back with lots of ideas!

  3. Awww, we’ll miss you Liana! But I hope you have a great paperdoll vacation, hopefully absence will make the heart grow fonder!! ^_^

  4. We will miss you–your paper dolls and their lovely outfits are cherished by my granddaughters and myself. I hope you have a marvelous vacation, and hope you will eventually return to us! Thank you for all the beautiful dresses–may you have as much happiness as you have brought to all of us!

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwww. Have a nice paperdoll vacation. I’m gonna miss seeing your drawings, but I can’t wait til you come back.

  6. Oh, wow. We’ll miss you! But have a great vacation! I know I’ll be checking weekly to see if you come back!
    But this dress is really pretty. I like the simplicity of it all.

  7. Awww, well have a good paperdoll vacation, we’ll be waiting anxiously for you to get back. We’ll always be here lol :)I’m gonna miss your drawings soo much! BTW: This is such a gorgeous gown, love it!

  8. awww…. we’ll miss you, but maybe you can pop in with a costume for when the last harry potter comes out on the 15th? its in less than a month… but maybe you can make a tiny exception. but have fun on your break and come back whenever you feel you can. BTW, i love this dress, it’s SO pretty.

  9. Well, I’m going to miss you. I love coming to your website and seeing a beautiful dress (like this one). Hope you have fun and get inspired to come back soon <3

  10. I see this dress and I think ‘The Ultimate Wedding Dress’!!!
    That is the kind of dress I would want to wear when/if I get married. : D
    I love this dress!

  11. ha ~ go figure! i finally get back online and you’re going to be off. hope you have a fabulous break ~ i will enjoy catching up.

    : D

  12. *chuckle* I find you this year, with lots of inspirations to make into 3-D outfits for me or my BJD or little girl and now you might not be around for a while.


    These are lovely and some of your originals I’d love to make and wear at SF conventions.

  13. Hi, have just found your blog. I’m a family day care mum, and your paper dolls have been a great hit! Our theme at the moment is “Under the Sea”, so your mermaid and pirate outfits are wonderful. Iv’e been puting photo’s of the kid’s heads on your dolls and they love it! If your in need of inspiration, the kids have been asking for a merman with outfits….and also as Halloween is coming up, I’d love to have some witch and wizard outfits for their dolls. As a home day care mum it is sometime hard to come up with new activities for the kids. Your dolls are now being used by over 50 Day care mum’s in my area… as upon showing them your doll’s at our new idea’s meeting, everyone is singing your praises. Thankyou.

  14. Hey Liana, I love your dress designs, and I only hope you’ll be coming back soon. Have fun tho! :)

  15. Though you might think this dress isn’t all that good,I think it looks very beautiful. Just sayin’. and what Becca said about the Harry Potter costume? I second that. ^^

  16. can u try to make a clothes by countries national costume.. im from philippines.. hope i can see the clothes here soon if u have time :)) i am new here …and i really enjoy ur clothes…

  17. Come Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Maybe you could do dresses based of of the Percy Jackson books!!!!!!
    You could draw Thalia (the tree), Annabeth (daughter of Athena), Medusa (the Gorgon), or Sirens (the creepy mermaids that eat you).
    You could also do Greek gods and goddesses!
    Athena (goddess of war), Aphrodite (goddess of love and beauty), Hera (goddess of the home and peacocks), or Artemis (Goddess of wild animals).

  18. Emma, I am a HUGE fan of Greek Myths and Percy Jackson series!! I think it is a great idea… the designs can have the god/hero’s symbols and colour as part of their designs :)
    I would love a special grey & silver Greek style dress with olive branch & owl designs for Athena :D

  19. I agree with the Percy Jackson idea…
    And the werewolves vs vampires idea…
    And the National costumes idea…
    I’ll Agree with ANY idea if it makes you come back and draw more!!! ^-^

  20. yay more percy fans

    i heard that they are making another movie…….

    based on the last one, this one will not be like the books at all! they killed luke in the 1st movie, so how can he come back. they also never mentioned Kronos AT ALL! the second book is all about thalia, who was never heard of in the movie…….. it bugs me when they ruin movies like that. :(

    I think that the nation idea is cool! i also think that a whole twilight thing would be very popular!

  21. oh, and ideas: I saw blueberry’s Idea of fairy dresses with *WINGS* and totally agree! also, more mermaid tails would be nice+when will the new doll-makeing web sight b done/is it done?!?! when r u comeing back? (pant!) (pant!) ;););):b


    Lol, I love nightmare on elme street, so I thought, “Maybe Liana could do some dresses based on Nancy or Chris…”

  23. I live in Australia although I am english and have just found your amazing site.You are an extraordinary talent and should print and sell paper doll books — or do you? Is this the right place for this communication? I wanted to get in touch but couldn’t find an email address. Where do I find the dolls? I intend to put magnetic tape on the dolls and dresses to decorate my fridge. They are so beautiful I want to look at them all the time. I think I will frame some too. Please do not go anywhere now I have found you. Thank you for sharing your talent. I have loved paper dolls all my life and have quite a collection –I am pretty old and love computers and the net and especially digital books.

    In gratitude. Carmel Scott

  24. @Carmel Scott if you look on the right hand side you should see a link saying dolls, in Categories. Liana does have a wonderful site but as you can tell she is currently taking a break. :c However the old dresses and costumes are still there and they are truly great so have fun cutting, pasting, colouring and exploring.

  25. I really like all the Percy Jackson ideas :) I’ve also been thinking…. you should do Star Wars dresses like Princess Leia, Queen Amidala, and Padme. That would be awesome!

  26. Star wars and Percy Jackson…… two of my favorite things on EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love the Padme idea…. she has so many GORGEOUS gowns that Liana would be working for a while until she was done!

  27. I know. Star Wars is awesome :)She could even try to make the crazy but really cool hairstyles that Queen Amidala has. That would be so cool.

  28. AHHH! tomorrow I have a star wars dress up day at my school……. what should i do?
    I am not allowed to bring any guns or lightsabers….. WHAT DO I DO!

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