Black Masquerade Gown with Rainbow Underskirt

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I guess that the key to the hearts of my paperdoll girls (of all ages) is a dress with unabashed rainbows. I will remember that! I admitted to someone recently that sometimes I put up polls purely for validation and attention, not so much because I care about the outcome of the question: I love seeing the numbers go up and knowing you’re all out there, some days. And perhaps, now, we’ll add another behavior to that tendency: just as on days when I draw mostly in white, it probably means I’m tired and don’t want to paperdoll, on days when I draw rainbows, it will probably mean I need the twin boosts of bright colors and uncritical adulation!

Ah, but I don’t need that today… Today is just a bonus because I’m charmed by the response, and I love you all. I’m not permanently switching to a rainbow-centric approach, no worries… Saturday’s dress will probably be rather more somber.

Prismacolors used: Crimson Red, Tuscan Red, Poppy Red, Pumpkin Orange, Denim Blue, Goldenrod, Canary Yellow, Light Cerulean Blue, Cool Grey 70%, Lilac, Violet, Black Grape, Spring Green, Apple Green, Olive Green, Chocolate, Black, Peach, colorless blender, Sakura Souffle in white

56 thoughts on “Black Masquerade Gown with Rainbow Underskirt

  1. Both these last two dresses have gotten actual, audible gasps from me as soon as the pages loaded. Mmmm. Colour♥ You have my full uncritical adulation, Liana!!

  2. Gah I love it. I’ve got two composition books full of your dolls and dresses, and I’m not migrating to a binder. If that’s not adulation, I don’t know what is XD I want to wear this dress to homecoming so bad.

  3. It’s like a brilliant burst of rainbow light in the dark velvety night. I have bright warm feelings when I look at these dresses.

    Thank you Liana; I uncritically adulate you with my whole heart! =)

  4. This dress is incredible, but I think it would be even more awesome if you would make the underskirt to match the color of the pearls. I know, I know, it would be plain, but I am just that way. :-)

  5. Oh, we are out here. I look forward to each dress and I also have a binder with all of them in. Your blog has also encouraged me to get back to making paperdolls (very poor so far) after not doing so for many years. You are sooo appreciated. Winnie

  6. I must say I didn’t think you could improve on the last one. However, changing the rainbow to the underskirt is breath taking. I really wish I could wear it. :) It’s so beautiful!!

  7. OH MY GOD!!!! THIS IS BEUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0

  8. These are both amazing! Nice cheery rainbows. I like this one even better because it’s EVEN POOFIER and I love layers. I want to twirl in it! ^_^


  9. Absolutely lovely! I especially like the pearl accents, very subtle in contrast to the rainbow underskirt. :)

    And for a bit of uncritical adulation: You are amazingly talented and I look forward to seeing your new dresses every week. :)

  10. Oooooo!!!! I love it Liana! These last two dresses are my all time favorites! I even like this one better! (not that I don’t like Tuesdays..I just LOVE this one!) And in your post you are very right…if you want even more “paperdoll girls” just do more rainbow dresses! And i was wondering, could you do a short fairy like dress? Maybe even with rainbow colors! While your on the theme!

  11. Ooooh a rainbow fairy dress! That would be awesome!

    I love this dress more than the last one! I think adding a black overskirt really did the trick to make the colors pop even more.

  12. Oh, I like this one even more. See, on this one, the rainbow is more low-key and the shades sort of fade into each other. Mmm, it’s gorgeous. And about our love of rainbows…well, I think it’s because it’s got a color we all like! ^^

  13. I agree, I think I like this one even more then Tuesday’s. And this dress made my week a lot better. February just seems out to get me.

  14. I love this rainbow one even better that the last!
    If I were a paperdoll critic I would give everything you post(ed) Five Stars!


  16. O_O … *mouth hangs open, closes it* this dress is one of the best I have ever seen, if I was going to the valentines dance, I would so want to wear this one…

  17. oh my gosh i love this dress! u never fail, liana! its the perfect combination of elegance, color, and bubbly-ness! i love it! :)

  18. Wait-I have a small question that I would adore if you answered. What’s the difference between a ballgown and a masquerade gown, other than the mask for a masquerade gown.

  19. Hey liana- I dont know if your still accepting answers to your older contests, but the one where you ask who you were listening to when you started drawing gold dresses (october 12, 2009) is the answer kanye west?

  20. I like this even more than the last one! I think it’s because the rainbow part is under the black. I know that makes no sense at all. :) It’s so pretty! I love the colors.

  21. I love your rainbow dresses but I also love snow and we’ve been getting a lot of it lately. Could you do an ice dress? Something similar to the dresses of the White Witch in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

  22. Wow i love this dress
    you should make a new paper doll soon with red hair or mabey curls or a braid you should also make a pink ball gown i love your dolls

  23. I’m posring AGAIN, i know…i just can’t help myself…i just had to say that i totally agree with Anna and Emily about the suggustions!(i think i spelled that wrong:(

    btw-i LOVE it all!

  24. Hav eyou sceen the little princess you should draw some of sarah cruises dresses i am watching that movie right now

  25. Have you sceen the little princess you should draw some of sarah cruises dresses i am watching that movie right now

  26. I hope Liana posts today! i cant wait to see what she comes up with! Does anyone agree? And yes I love the dress(I’ve said that before and I’ve told everyone in my family!)

  27. It’s raining here in the westcoast, here in southern california, and the rainbow on your dress completely matched our moods when we saw the rainbow that just appeared right now.

  28. Can’t wait for the next dress…this rainbow brightens my days <3.
    I'm so glad I figured out how to put them on the dolls through the computer, other wise I'd be going crazy. ^3^

  29. I only recently started following the blog, but I love it. :) Hope you post soon, and don’t forget: You’re completely awesome.

  30. hey!! ^-^ i really love this dress and will love to get the designs or whatever so i can wear it on my sweet 16!!!!! :D its a masquerade and i just thought this will be the best dress for it :D

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