Fallout Retro Blue and Yellow Vault Dweller Jumpsuit

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Brian and I got ourselves a PS3 for Christmas – a little early – and so this Saturday has been devoted to gaming, specifically marathon sessions of Fallout 3. We both loved the first Fallout (and I think he liked Fallout 2, though I never played it), so it was an obvious choice for our first PS3 game.

I took a stab at playing it this morning, but I’m not all that good at any game I deem “twitchy,” which means anything that requires more coordination than taking out your average Dragon Warrior slime, because, although it’s not apparent from this blog – at least, I do hope it’s not apparent – I’ve got some mild coordination issues. Thanks to rather a lot of physical therapy when I was very young, it only really plagues me when I’m trying to remember which button changes the perspective, and the camera is pointed somewhere at my feet, I may have accidentally given my pistol to a dead ant, and oh, by the way, there’s a pair of rabid molerats trying to eat me and I just simply can’t deal. On the upside, that doesn’t happen to me very often, because I play the kind of games where everyone takes turns beating on each other like civilized folk. I can handle a very small amount of twitch in my games – I did play through the first Fallout, once as a pacifist – but past a certain point, I’m pretty hopeless.

Also, I’m pathetically easy to creep out – something about horrifying post-nuclear wastelands just tends to make me antsy, you know? When I played the first Fallout, I nearly held my breath the whole time I was in the Glow. Still, I notice that Brian is just now, after playing all day, wandering around the area I got myself repeatedly killed in earlier, so I wonder if my problem is that I got in too over my head and didn’t realize it?

In any case, Fallout 3 features some nicely tailored, practical-looking Vault jumpsuits, but me, I’ve got a soft spot for the shiny retro ones. The Vault number is on the back, so you can choose for yourself which vaults Ivy and Grace hail from.

12 thoughts on “Fallout Retro Blue and Yellow Vault Dweller Jumpsuit

  1. I finally bought Fallout 3 a month or so ago. What a wonderful way to connect paper dolls to your other interests!

  2. For a minute there, I thought that was a superhero outfit…*shudders* Anyway, although I don’t play video games much…never did…this jumpsuit’s kind of awesome. I love it! (Although it took some getting-used-to with the colors.)

  3. Fallout 3! I knew there was a reason I liked you! :D I think that’s actually the only XBox game I’ve ever played. And I suck. But it’s still fun. I’m ridiculously excited about this outfit XDD

  4. ooooooh! pretty! a nice warm outfit for winter! shiny is best! Hey Liana, do you think you could do a parka with fur? that would be nice! anyone agree? Merry Christmas!

  5. I’m pathetically easy to creep out, too. I slept with the lights on for a few nights after I saw ‘Coraline’. I have a friend who’s into the ‘Fatal Frame’ series and when that game has Japanese spirit-ghost-things leaping out at you all the time to the point where I made her let me stay the night because I didn’t walk a quarter-mile home by myself in the dark.

    So, believe me, you are not alone. Of course, you’re NEVER alone…..

  6. I didn’t get to play much of Fallout 3, too many mutant things and not enough bullets :) Out of curiosity, would you consider making something Tron inspired? I loved Clu’s jacket in the second one, when he was doing is Emperor of Rome impersonation.

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