White Christmas Dress with Red or Blue Candy Cane Striped Sleeves and Santa Hat

Click for larger version (PNG):red stripes, blue stripes; click for PDF version: red stripes, blue stripes. Click here for the list of dolls.

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it! To those of you who don’t, I hope you can bear with three days of Christmas-themed stuff. If the candy cane stripes are just too much to bear, I think this wintery blue version is rather sweet, too.

Actually, this dress started life as a princess gown that had three layers right down to the floor, but the first two were too long compared to the third, and the proportions bothered me; then, I thought that the candy-cane striped sleeves looked kind of cartoony for a formal ballgown, but just perfect with a sassy above-the-knee circle skirt and a Santa hat! When I was sketching this gown out, I was thinking of the collectible holiday Barbie dolls of my youth: I don’t believe I ever had any, but I appreciated them. (That would explain the extra-puffed sleeves: I was a kid of the ’80s.)

Because of the placement of the skirt and sleeves, if you were to cut this out, you’d have to cut a space for the hand inside the skirt, just under the sleeves. If anyone attempts it, please let me know how it goes.

Whenever I put up two colors of something, I always have to ask…

20 thoughts on “White Christmas Dress with Red or Blue Candy Cane Striped Sleeves and Santa Hat

  1. I love them both, Liana. How can I choose? I love Christmas. Don’t you? There just….perfect in a way. Your the best. And have a wonderful Christmas!!!

  2. They are both so pretty & a very cute design! I chose the blue striped one though because its not only very christmas-y its also very wintery! Plus I loooove light blue, its my favorite color ^_^

  3. Woo! Christmas puff! The puffy sleeves remind me of the old Barbie paper dolls I had as a kid. I never had the actual Barbies, but the paper dolls had awesome puffy 80s/early 90s outfits. Awesome. You definitely captured that idea!

  4. Dani has it right about capturing the Barbie/’80s zeitgeist! These are super cute-super fun! I will print and cut them out for the granddaughters right away–they will absolutely LOVE them!

    Liana, I hope that you know how much pleasure and happiness you give to others through your blog. My daughter and I love your designs, and talking about the clothes, the themes, and the stories–and the granddaughters just love the outfits so much.

    Thank you. Merry Christmas.

    P.S. Happy Everything, to Everybody out there.

  5. I love them both but my favorite color is red so that gets chosen. I’ve had to cut into the dress for the hand to go through before and it usually works alright, but then, I use a artist knife for cutting them out as to be more precise so it wouldn’t be a problem.

  6. Since you make me choose (how cruel of you) I pick the blue. To me, the wintery feel goes better with the snowflake skirt. But I would wear the red one in heartbeat!

    These are very much like the holiday barbies. My boyfriend’s mother collects those (recently with our help ^.^) so I’ve had the opportunity to see them up close, and even touch some (it gave me tingles). I love the poof!

  7. I suppose it’s because I’m in a Christmasy mood, but I chose the red-and-white striped one. Because of my terrible eyesight, I couldn’t really see the second one well anyway.

  8. They are so cute!!

    the red one is cheery and christmassy, but the blue one is so soft and wintery…aghhhh….Thanks!!!

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