Halloween ’10 Day 8: Dragon Masquerade Gown in Green and Gold

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As I said before, this week we join the mythical ball! At this time of year, not only does my traffic increase dramatically, but my masquerade gowns get quite popular, so I thought I would like to add to my stock. As far as the design goes, this dragon-themed masquerade gown was the low-hanging fruit of the five ball gowns I have planned, and I was able to sketch it out fairly easily and plan the colors without any problems… but in execution, oh, my aching hand! So that’s why it is a day late — it was just too good to rush. The others may suffer a similar fate, so do be patient with me.

I do love designing and drawing masquerade gowns! I like anything I don’t have to do a lot of research for, and by design masquerade gowns can be exquisitely beautiful, wild and creative, or both. If all goes well this week, you’ll see some fun ones…

Prismacolors used:Black, Poppy Red, Sunburst Yellow, Dark Umber, Cool Grey 50%, Pale Sage, Tuscan Red, Dark Green, Peach Beige, Grass Green, French Grey 30%, Black Grape, Lilac, Pumpkin Orange, Spring Green, Indigo Blue, Powder Blue, Sky Blue Light, Cool Grey 70%, Light Umber, Goldenrod, Yellowed Orange, Chartreuse, Yellow Chartreuse, Peacock Blue, Cream; Verithin Ultramarine, Orange, Crimson Red, Peacock Blue, Violet, Dark Brown, Grass Green, Cool Grey 70%; Sakura Soufflé White

44 thoughts on “Halloween ’10 Day 8: Dragon Masquerade Gown in Green and Gold

  1. I love masquerade gowns, and your gowns are some of the best! I loved last year’s sisters story, but even if this week doesn’t have a plot to it I’d be happy. Thank you!

  2. I love the amount of detail you put into it and I love the scales! The border kind of has a jeweled look and makes me think the dragon is carrying it’s horde around with it.

  3. Oh, wow! I literally gasped as well. I remember having the same reaction when I saw the first of the masquerade gowns last year. This is incredible! =D

  4. What a wonderful gown it is!
    It looks like a dragon.
    Is “karakusa-moyou”(唐草模様)Japanese image?(^^)

  5. OH EM GEE!!
    My jaw totally dropped!
    Liana, you are a true artist.

    My boyfriend is gonna love this gown… he loves all things draconic =)

  6. I could just imagine the “wall flower” showing up in this gown and leaving every single tongue wagger completely silenced. This is the dress that could wield that much power.

    And her life was changed from that time forward.

  7. Oh dear ^^;; This is the first of a series, theoretically, but now I think I’m not going to be able to top it… I’m glad everyone likes it so much! (And I love the idea of the wallflower completely taking over the night with it. She would need to have jewels in her hair, I think, but I didn’t draw any…)

  8. HOW FRIGG’N AWESOME!!!!!!!!! ILY!!!- WELL IT TOOO! :) omg! i cant believe this is da first of the series!!! how do you thing your gonna top it??!! I CANT WAIT!!!

    ;) JOSz! [:

  9. What if you did an Anne in Green Gables one? Or mayhaps an Arwen dress from LOTR?
    Could you do a fairy princess masquerade one? (Every little girl’s dream)

  10. I love how there is a slight mischeiviosness to this dress, how that tail curls around the side and the mask has points at the edge. The patterns remind me of storys like repunzel and “fairytales” where a dragon guards a princess or a hourd of treasure.

  11. This dress is so awesome! I love the intricacy of it and the details and color! Its so beautiful and you inspire me!

  12. This dress is so intricate. Once again you are amazing. I really like the flame underskirt peeking out and the gold detail is really well done. I think maybe we should just crown you Queen of Blog Posted Paper Dolls and call it a day.

  13. What’s the name of your blog Alexandra? I’d love to visit it! And ashita apparently drew a similar dress. What’s her blog? I love paper dolls so If any of you have blog please post me the links! Thank-you so much!

  14. Firstly, I love the dress, as always. The detail in it is amazing. :) You’re probably busy, as no dresses have been posted recently, plus I doubt you take requests like this and at such short notice, but it’s my birthday tomorrow and I would absolutely LOVE it if you drew a dress. I don’t even care what it is, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I like your witchy/fantasy stuff. So, just a far-fetched request, if you’re in the mood.

  15. Wow, Kenzie, really? This blog is something that Liana does out of love of drawing and fancy clothes, not something she does because she has to. If something comes up in her life this has to take a back-seat, or possibly even be thrown in the trunk.

    Yes, I am disappointed that there are no new dresses. I love Liana’s past Halloween dresses, and the start of this October’s was fantastic. But this absence of new dresses where she seemed so eager to draw awesome fantasy dresses is more concerning than anything. Hopefully nothing awful has happened, and this dry spell can be attributed to the power of the dragon using up all her creative juices.

  16. I’m sorry to worry you! It’s mostly that I’ve been getting busy with work and not feeling creative at all. I have a little more time this week, so I hope to get some more drawing done.

  17. We understand Liana, and we’ll still be here when you get back! I must confess that this break has actually given me a chance to catch up with printing them all :D

  18. We are lucky that you post your work here and have no right to demand new ones. The fact that you take time out of your day to draw us dresses should be enough. Kenzie, I understand that you may be eager to see new posts but unless you draw us dresses half and gorgeous as liana’s every day I would just wait quietly and patiently. Thank you so much for the website Diane.

  19. I am also annoyed! October is my favorite month and it’s slipping away! At least I can enjoy this gown each time I check and recheck for an update.
    love ya Sweetie!

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