White Gown (temporary)

Click for larger version (PNG); click for PDF version. Click here for the list of dolls.

This gown goes with a story I’ve been working on for Halloween, but it’s not done yet, so for now you just get this half of the project. Wish me luck and I will do my best to get the story done soon.

I’m sorry for vanishing on you — I have no good excuse, I just got discouraged, then I got busy, then I got lazy ^^;;

19 thoughts on “White Gown (temporary)

  1. How pretty! I love the green, it really makes the outfit.
    After a couple days with no updates I started telling my sister that I didn’t think you were coming back :P

  2. I love this dress and I would totally war this. I almost gave up on you, but thougth that you would not desert us. You are my absolute favorite paperdoll artist.

  3. Don’t worry about being late, if i was doing this the same thing would happen. (I have procrastination problems!!!) Happy for a story to look forward to though. Even the filler dresses are awesome!!

  4. I can’t think of enough ways to say I love this dress… How about “I want to wear this at my wedding”?

    Glad to know you’re doing well =)

  5. I love the way the green ties everything together and I love the embroidery on the sleeves and skirt. Its sooo pretty and we’re glad you’re back!

  6. Yay! your back! this dress is simply amazing!!! I love the flower belt/sash. It’s so pretty. And I love the swishy skirt with the design at the bottom! very detailed. another 3 cheers for Liana! =)

  7. I love this gown its so pretty! I think the green is fresh but what really makes it is the all the gores in the skirt. Definitely could see twirling in this dress.

  8. Your dresses are just gorgeous! I love paper dolls, especially ones with beautifully-drawn, fantasy-themed clothes. I’ve had a paper doll collection for years. I look forward to seeing even more of your designs!

    I’ve added you to my favorite sites on my blog. :)

  9. Liana’s back! You just made things so much better, I’ve had a hell of a couple of weeks. And the dress is absolutely beautiful, I’ll try and be sure to have your bat costume colored by Halloween!

  10. I love the dress! I’m so happy you’re back! I would love to see an Alice in Wonderland dress on your website! :)

  11. For a while I thought you were leaving me. Really. i came back ever day till you posted. I was sooo happy! i LOVE the dress. Its one of my favorites!

  12. Amazing
    I frecuantly look at your designs and thay have been a god send for insperation for my GCSE textiles but this is just the top hat well done :)

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