Halloween ’10, Day 7: Black And White Cute Bat Costume

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After drawing six iterations of a half-hearted gown, I took elements of the bodice that I liked and drew a cute bat costume around them.

That might tell you all a little more about the way my mind works than I am entirely comfortable divulging, but there you have it.

Next week, we shall have masquerade gowns for a mythical ball. I haven’t come up with a story to catch them in, but even if I don’t, they should be so much fun that they won’t need one…

There’s still time to vote on the Good Queen’s next appearance, but you’ll have to scroll down for it, because now it’s time for my favorite part of the Halloween costume parade: what was your favorite this week? (And last week, actually — I can’t leave out my priestess robes.)

14 thoughts on “Halloween ’10, Day 7: Black And White Cute Bat Costume

  1. I think it would be neat to continue your story from a while back, involving the masquerade gowns…

  2. More torture for me, I still can’t print yet and I want to color so bad. Your dresses are really the only things I can color for a long time and not get bored with. I got the set of 132 Prismacolors for graduation and I’ve been having a blast with them. Maybe in the meantime I could paste this into Paint or something and mess around there.

  3. Hey, I just found your website and I LOVE IT!! I noticed you have some movie costumes and I was wondering if you would make one of Anne Boleyn’s gowns from The Tudors TV show? I would love it and think you could make a beautiful one.

  4. Hi! Your blog makes me so happy. ^_^ Everything you do is gorgeous. Just thought I’d mention that.

    I was thinking that it would be neat if you could do the Red Death costume from Phantom of the Opera and that Poe short story. Except maybe adapted to be a ball gown, since it’d be for a lady paperdoll.

  5. It’s a really cute outfit. It actually makes me think of the ladybug outfit you did. That outfit was one of the cutest outfits ever! And this one looks almost like it, like the start of a collection!

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