Halloween ’10 Day 6: Blue and White Ghost Costume with Red Ribbon

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For today, we just have a generic ghost costume. Although, to be sure, no ghost thinks of itself as generic, as you have to have a rather elevated opinion of your own unique grievances to bind yourself to the waking world in such a way. Sketch on a pair of wings, too, and throw away the red ribbon, and voilà! our ghostly friend gains redemption, and perhaps a second year of Halloween usage, as an angel costume.

Would you look at that? I do believe that’s a whole week of nicely colored costumes, plus the robes from the first. I think for now I can call my slump over, don’t you agree?

It is starting to look like we’ll be seeing an outfit from the Good Queen’s heyday, but I can’t help but be a little glad that at the moment fourteen percent of you are as morbid as I am…

Prismacolors used: French Grey 10%, 30%, 50%, 70%, 90%, Cloud Blue, Blue Violet Lake, Tuscan Red, Crimson Lake, Verithin Dark Brown, colorless blender

17 thoughts on “Halloween ’10 Day 6: Blue and White Ghost Costume with Red Ribbon

  1. Liana I’m so glad you’ve decided you’re out of your slump! The Halloween costumes are all looking absolutely amazing! <3 I love the ghost's red ribbon necklace. Are we to assume that's how she died?

  2. Ghost costume is really great. Good design and beautiful realization. Your skills have improved so much during all these years!

  3. remember when you did the wedding week and the medieval wedding dress with the silver and gold embroidery? Well, this dress looks kind like a more flowing, fluffy cross between that dress and the good queen’s dress. It’s so beautiful.

  4. Thanks, everyone! Glad you all like it :) Not bad for having started around 8:30 PM with no inspiration whatever… ^^;;

    Dani, that was my general intention, but she could just have a morbid sense of humor with regard to her accessories… ;)

  5. This would be perfect for the grey lady of ravenclaw! (Don’t know if you’ve seen/read harry potter though)

  6. Oh Liana, Halloween is my favorite time of year in both the real world and your paperdoll world, and it’s killing my that my printer is broken. I want to print these!!

  7. For a while after the French revolution the aristocrats not beheaded wore red chokers in sympathy for those who were beheaded. This dress just randomly reminded me of that. =)

  8. The red choker dripping down the dress is a very nice touch. Almost like a beautiful slit throat…

    Yes, it’s highly likely I’m quietly rooting for as much blood as possible.

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