A short update!

Hello everyone! Thank you for your patience during my move. Things have been going very well so far — the cats were fine on the plane, all of our stuff made it across the country and we’ve already found an apartment. So far, the worst that has happened is that I packed my shampoo in my suitcase without closing the top properly, but even the annoyance from that was very well contained; with something like that as our biggest problem, I think we’ve been extraordinarily lucky indeed!

We are still getting the new apartment set up, and I have a hard time concentrating on anything while I feel so unsettled, but as things come together, I find myself wondering which box I packed my pencil sharpener in… Be patient with me a little while longer, and I hope to be drawing again by next week!

19 thoughts on “A short update!

  1. Im glad to hear everything has gone so well. Moving can be so stressful and its great to hear that you havent had any major problems so far.

    I really look forward to you drawing again and may I ask if there will be a belated July dress?? (July baby here XD0

  2. Glad your move is going so well, and Congratulations on finding a new home so fast. Best wishes in your new home! ^_^

  3. Woohoo! Promises of new dresses makes me feel happy inside after spending all day buried in books and writing essays xD Glad to hear your move went nice and smoothly >_<

  4. Oh goodness, that contained some awful grammar. My head feels all scrambled. I blame reading in Japanese all day!

  5. So good to hear everything is going well, at least you will have nice smelling laundry from the shampoo bottle!!!!!!…

  6. Glad to hear everyone and everything made the move! Hope everything going well with the rest of the move! Thanks for giving us an update too because my family and I have been wondering how you guys have been. We know how hard it is to move.. Often it feels like you may never make it out of your house. :)

  7. I’m happy your move went well, and wish you all the best in your new house! Can’t wait to see the new outfits!

  8. It’s the first time I wrote to you, I just discover your site about a week ago and I love it, you.. I’m glad to see that everything is going great.. Can’t wait for the new outfits!!

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