Black and Blue Medieval Gown with Purple Roses and Silver Underskirt

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I’m sorry I haven’t been drawing lately: I’ve really been in a slump. I’m fine, just busy and anxious: we’re moving from Michigan to Washington State on the 27th. I’m really happy about it, but it’s just really all starting to hit me.

As you see, you do not really miss all that much when I am in a slump, because if my heart’s just not into it, whatever I produce looks lousy. Certainly my intention for this dress was not “Evil Queen’s May Day.” How’d it get to look so gloomy? I could understand it if I had been listening to gloomy music while I was drawing (the kind of music Brian calls “high-school-is-hard-music”) but I wasn’t, I promise…

I can’t really say when I’ll be drawing again. If the desire isn’t there, the results are worthless, as you see. (And you’re not even seeing my first stab at coloring tonight, the 30s black and white dress done in pink — it was hideous.) The desire kind of comes and goes, somehow. I expect that once we’re in Washington State, I’ll be more cheerful, and there’s no need to worry about me because I’m perfectly fine and very lucky to be moving, I’m just being a little temperamental, I guess ^^;; Please forgive me, I’ll be back, and I haven’t forgotten about the other contest winners — I especially don’t want to do a bad job on those, so it’s really better to wait a little while for them!

39 thoughts on “Black and Blue Medieval Gown with Purple Roses and Silver Underskirt

  1. well, I must say, even when you’re in a slump, you still turn out lovely things. I like the blue-violet mixture.

    And yes, I’m sure you’ll like over here on the Pacific Coast! Washington state has snow, but it’s not nearly as cold as Michigan, I think!

    Good luck!

  2. I do like this, to! Nicely gothic! :) You might like this state, it’s a bit odd… Eastern washington is hot in the summer (like 100’s) and snowy in the winter, where the western side of the mountains is rainy. Nicely rainy, and if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes :) If you’re ever in the chehalis area (halfway, almost exactly, between seattle and portland), there’s some beautiful countryside that’s inspiring when it comes to art :) let me know and i can give you a mapquest map to the really pretty areas

  3. I find this dress quite pretty as well. I’d wear it! But I’m an artist too and I understand how frustrating it is to force yourself to work on something when you’re really not in the mood for it. So take the time you need! I hope all goes smoothly with your move—you’re so lucky! West coast, I’m jealous!! I’m sad we won’t be sharing a state anymore (it’s always neat to find someone online and see, “Oh, they live in Michigan too!”) but I hear all kinds of wonderful things about Washington, so I’m sure it will be lovely for you :D

  4. I quite like this dress. I’ve become accustomed to your lighter-style colouring, so seeing something dark is neat ^_^
    But definitely take all the time you need, you know we’ll all still be here when you get back :)

  5. I think all your drawings are wonderful, and I
    really appreciate seeing them. I’m sure you’ll
    love Washington, no matter which part you are
    moving to. I was born and raised in Spokane,
    but now live in the beautiful Puget Sound
    area. So, welcome! :-)

  6. I really like this dress! It reminds me of the Lady of Shallot, the sort of thing she’d wear when she was ‘half sick of shadows.’ I hope you like moving, and you like Washington–i’ll be eagerly awaiting your return to paperdolling!

  7. Ohhhhh lovely.
    Anyone else feel the need to contribute to the Depress Liana So She Draws Us Pretty Clothes fund?

  8. You know, I really like this. Sure it’s dark, but that’s not a bad thing. It looks like velvet. And the little glimmers of purple make me happy; not only is purple my favorite color, but the shade in this dress is actually my favorite shade of purple too. It’s beautiful and you should be proud of it :)

  9. This dress is very pretty, even if it is a bit gloomy. And I COMPLETELY understand having to be in the mood to draw something (: No one in my family understands that I can’t just draw something whenever I want! Good luck with moving! Hope it goes well!

  10. Totally Fantabulous!!!!!! This is so cool! This totally satisfies my dark side!!!! Take all the time you need to get the mood back. Good luck with the move!!

  11. The dress is lovely. Have you thought about coning up with a dress for Juliet. Like from Romeo and Juliet. How about a wedding dress for her a proper one. Or a gown for the doomed queen Anne. The second wife of King Henry the Eighth. You haven’t finished the Christmas Tale or all the dresses for the princesses. Or the months. Perhaps you could also redo some of your outfits. Just some thoughts.

  12. I love the sleeves. Though it is a bit dark, it looks rich to me. Good luck with your move. Having done the same big move not to long ago, I wish you the best. Washington is such a beautiful state, but perhaps because I am among the flat lands of Illinois, I am missing the mountains.

  13. Awww mountains are so pretty and so is this dress! I live in Chicago so the only tall things we have are buildings…

  14. Well, welcome to Washington! It’s a beautiful state, especially if you like weather of all sorts. Which side of the state will you be on? Eastern and western Washington are so different they may as well be two different states!

  15. That’s exciting news about moving. I’ve always loved visiting Washington. I think the dress looks smashing. You really are your worst critic.

  16. Jeez, you guys are so sweet :) It lifts my spirits to the extent that I might even try to draw sooner… We’ll see. ^^;;

    We’re going to be moving somewhere on the western side of the state: my parents live in Tacoma and my brother and his girlfriend live in Seattle, and I’ve always wanted to live in that area. We haven’t decided on the particulars, though; there’s no point in deciding from 2000 miles away, since my parents have been kind enough to let us stay at their house until we have our own space. So the first couple weeks will be devoted to finding a nice apartment or house somewhere nice.

    I’m amused by the “Depress Liana So She Draws Us Pretty Clothes Fund” ^^;; At some point I’m sure one of my gloomy moods and one of my good-at-drawing moods will intersect and I will do some nice, depressing dresses ;)

  17. I advise looking for a place NOT in Seattle. It’s a nice town and all, just waaaaay expensive. It’s amazing how much lower rents are in Tacoma, and it’s not even that far south. My mom lives in University Place, and it’s a nice area with decent rents. Gig Harbor is also a nice place.

  18. Lovely dress, I like the darkness of it with the sweetness of the flowers :)
    The Seattle area is gorgeous! It’s where I grew up. The whole puget sound area is so green and pretty. And you’ll love seeing Mt. Rainier! It’s the most beautiful mountain and you can see it from almost anywhere. Good luck on your move!

  19. Good luck with your move! My family just moved again too, I know it’s such a hassle. Hope you get settled in easily.

  20. Just a random thought but i have been attending Comic-Con this week and this thought just popped into my head. Have you every thought to paperdoll Comic-Con?

  21. Oh, I used to live on the outskirts of Seattle. And I actually quite like this dress. Sort of Gothic thing.

  22. I LOVE this dress! i thinks its absolutely gorgeous! and forget depressing or gloomy; sure, it may not be vibrantly coloured or sing ‘im so happy’, but i would definitely wear it! LOVE it!

  23. I must admit, I haven’t visited this site in so long. For a while, when you weren’t drawing, Liana, I honestly thought you were done. And even though this dress is somewhat depressing, I’m just happy you’re drawing at all! ^^)

  24. hey there
    are you by any chance the lianetta from munich?
    if so – i would have a question to you about renting an apartment ^^


  25. I really like it. Good luck with your move. i just finished reading Pride and Predjudice and was wondering if you could do some dresses from there. thanx. :)

  26. What I do when I can’t find the mood to draw is that I will use my circumstances as inspiration perhaps draw us something that reminds you of your grandmother or of your old neighborhood. We will all de patient, liana so do not ever feel rushed or obligated. We are not drawing gorgeous dresses for you.

  27. liana you havent posted in a while, hope all is well and that you love washington!!!! when you get situated in your new home i hope you can get back to drawling, we will be alwasys be here waiting for you!

  28. Liana,

    I know you haven’t posted for a while, I hope your new home and making your brain burst with creativity! (Sorta like Anne of Green Gables, huh? I only brought that up cause i’m reading it right now xD)

    Basically I miss your frequent posting, but i must be patient! I know that moving is stressfull!!!

    I’m just telling you this because most bloggers give up when they move homes, or even just o a week without posting, then they only post once a month. Please, don’t let this happen to you.. it would make all of your fans be very sad..
    We love you!!!


  29. i absolutly love your dresses. love em love em love em. i had a thought. i know you must get a thousand suggestions every day but have you ever seen the movie memoirs of a geisha? i thought it would be really neat to see hatsumomos red dress as one of your designs. the one she id wearing when he meets the main caracter in the story. if you havent seen it i advise seeing it,. it is awesome and there are a lot of ideas in there.

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