Two Mermaids from Liana’s Paper Doll Boutique

Click for the doll.

Here are two mermaid outfits from my site back from when I was in high school, Liana’s Paper Doll Boutique. Sorry there’s nothing new today… I tried, I really did, but there are just some days where everything I do goes wrong. On those days when I can’t seem to draw, sometimes I’ll print out a black and white outfit and at least have fun coloring that, but I guess there are some days I can’t either! If I get in such a sad state, it is just better for everyone if I put down the Prismacolors and pick up my DS. Which I do believe I’ll be doing now. But look forward to tomorrow!

11 thoughts on “Two Mermaids from Liana’s Paper Doll Boutique

  1. Aww theyre cute!!! i hope you feel better tomorrow. Also i noticed the dolls from the boutique and the blog have different figures. Why is that? Unless it was unintentional. Haha just wondering.

  2. Very adorable mermaids. I was just wondering, do you paperdollinize historical characters because I’d love to see a Napoleon Bonaparte one because I am a serious French Revolution nut.

  3. Liana,

    I meant to leave a note of thanks on your blog and your comment at FIMBY reminded me.

    My girls love your blog and we all love your hand drawn art.

    Thank you for such a wonderful resource.

  4. I love seeing some of the older stuff you’ve done! I was a big fan of your older website and have only just recently “rediscovered” your wonderful paper dolls. I am curious to know if your older paper dolls are still available anywhere? I found some on the boutique but not all the ones I remember. I love all your designs, old and new, and always look forward to seeing more! :D

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