Mermaid Monday #20: Grey-Tailed Mermaid with Red, Blue, Green and White Patterned Skirt

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Now, mermaids love color; it’s a precious thing because their environment itself makes the bright shades they prefer transient. Get even a little ways down, without the benefit of the magic lights many mystics make a living out of producing, and everything is just blue and purple. But because of the intermittent nature of underwater color, the ensembles worn to well-lit mermaid gatherings are wonders to behold, and even just knowing you have shining auburn hair or that the emerald and opal bracelet on your wrist is absolutely fabulous in the sunlight is enough to be happy, most of the time. This is also part of why mermaids value their tail color so highly: feeling like a brilliant blue or gold is an intrinsic part of you gives you a pleasant warm sensation when you’re feeling grumpy or plain.

This means that grey-tailed mermaids, like the one we see today, have an unfortunate tendency to be maladjusted or insecure, more than those with other tail colors do. Even colors like white, black and brown are thought of as preferable. After all, white has a sort of unearthly cachet, while black has a rakish, cool image, and both of them are easy to match with other, brighter colors. Even brown can look good, assuming you can afford the right shades of red, gold and so on. Grey doesn’t seem to match with anything, really: blue and green, maybe, but the combination just seems glum. This mermaid, I wouldn’t precisely say she’s come to peace with her grey tail, but she’s scared of mystics (some of whom might be able to change it for her… for a price), so she overcompensates with long skirts and vivid colors, and she has a habit of tucking her tail close to her body while she works, so only the pale edge of the fin sticks out from under her skirt.

This would, certainly, be hard to swim in, but she works as a scholar in a big city, and so she doesn’t generally have to get around very quickly; in any case, she thinks it would be better to meet her end courtesy of a shark than to live a long life with her tail in full view. It’s a shame to feel that way, but that’s what happens when you feel hideous all your life. Honestly, I think it draws more attention to her than a skirt with a more normal cut, or a sheer skirt, would: no one wears skirts like this underwater, and even the mermaids with big old scars on their tails are often proud enough of them to not much care whether they show or not. So even though this is a mermaid equivalent of wearing a sandwich board that says “I’M INSECURE ABOUT MY TAIL,” it makes her happy. And heck, if I had a rainbow-colored skirt with a coral and fish pattern that cute, I’d probably be happy too.

I was asked to list the colors I use for each drawing, and I’m going to see how it works out to list them…

Colors used: Colorless Blender, French Grey family, Cool Grey family, Black, Sky Blue Light, Greyed Lavender, Violet, Ultramarine, Violet Blue, Spring Green, Dark Green, Yellow Chartreuse, Grass Green, Sunburst Yellow, Crimson Red, Poppy Red, Yellowed Orange, Tuscan Red

15 thoughts on “Mermaid Monday #20: Grey-Tailed Mermaid with Red, Blue, Green and White Patterned Skirt

  1. I’ve been checking the site all day waiting for this (I never know when you’re going to post since I’m in NZ and our time is so different), FANTASTIC! I feel bad for the poor mermaid but I agree that wearing such fantastic clothes would make one feel better.
    In fact, I need to print it right now instead of waiting til the weekend like I usually do.

  2. it seems that by doing this the mermaid is accomplishing the opposite of what she is trying to! hey I was wondering what do mermales or mermen wear? do they wear shirts or do they just go shirtless 24/7

  3. Ohhhhh I see a swimsuit and cover-up design in my near future lol that would make a great one… one of these days I’ll actually be able to sew again. This is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Ohhh this is so pretty! I love Mermaid Mondays so much. It makes Monday my favorite day of the week :) I sent a picture of this to my best friend and she asked, in all seriousness, if I colored it. I guess my skillz are improving X3
    I’ve mentioned before that I show the outfits to the dad of the little girl I babysit; well his roommate’s son saw the Ms. Pac-Man one and has requested a Mario dress with mushrooms on the skirt XD

  5. Thanks, everyone! Although if depressed mermaids are so popular, that might lead to some funny mermaid mondays in the future… ;)

    Lynno, I don’t really understand the question — as in, a doll with a tail as the base, instead of legs? If that’s the case, it’s not likely, because then I would have to make all of the tails fit over that base doll tail, and the tails vary wildly.

  6. aww poor mermaid. haha i heart da story. your so creative. i lurve the final fantsy clothes but i cant play da game for my life. hope the poll eventually wins. p.s. if you want da fairy 1 ta win put really bogus rivals ( wicked smile)

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