Embroidered Robe and White Nightgown from Romeo et Juliette

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Yesterday, I saw an encore presentation of the Metropolitan Opera’s 2007 performance of Roméo et Juliette through the Live in HD series, which they broadcast to participating movie theaters. I love these, and I’ve gone to as many as I can since last year. It would probably be a great experience to go to one live, but as it is, you get an amazing view of the costumes this way!

Shakespeare in a language besides English loses a lot of charm for me, but add singing and it becomes enjoyable. (Aside from the ending, in which Romeo downs the poison, then Juliet wakes up about five seconds later; they have a fair few minutes to express mutual joy in song, and all the while I am thinking that it might not be very romantic to induce vomiting but it would at least be worth trying…) I hated Romeo’s powder-blue tight pants, but Juliet, as it should be, had lovely costumes; this robe and nightgown set was used heavily, particularly the nightgown, which she was wearing under everything after the first party scene. I don’t think my drawing does justice to it at all, but at least now Ivy and Grace have something to lounge in.

By the way, I regret that I can’t see the encore presentation of Carmen late in July, because I will be a little busy after flying cross-country with two whiny, neurotic cats the day before. The rest of you, though, should try to see it, because it’s fantastic! I love Carmen, and I did get to see this performance before so really I have nothing to complain about.

11 thoughts on “Embroidered Robe and White Nightgown from Romeo et Juliette

  1. Romeo snd Juliet has always been my fav play of Shakespeare. I saw a performance by this Russian ballet company from St. Petersburgh at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. The Company was on tour while thier Ballet House was being renovated. I was very lucky to catch them as thier performance at the Orange County Performing Arts Center was only for two weeks.

  2. Now this is a gown I could see myself wearing. Of course the cat would try to play with the draggy hem but I would feel very elegant while I defended against her attack. The dragging hem would mean I wouldn’t have to sweep the floor either…

  3. I have to confess that I’ve always thought Romeo and Juliet had one of the most absurd plots on the planet. Despite these failings, I’ve seen it a dozen times and the costumes are nearly always spectacular (except once when there was gingham and banjos… it was bad). I love the pattern on her robe both in your version and the actual costume. I’ve never gone to one to those Live in HD series, but maybe I’ll try one.

  4. Thanks, everyone! :)

    RLC, I didn’t even mention the rest of the ending… So the poison kicks in, right? Romeo starts squalling and rolling around on the ground, and while he is STILL rolling Juliet stabs herself, and I’m thinking, but what if he somehow manages to survive being poisoned? I mean, what if he didn’t take a big enough dose? Honey, at least wait until he’s actually dead to make your dramatic gesture… *facepalm* What can I say… that’s opera, doc ^^

    But at least there were no banjos. ;)

  5. Dear Liana,
    Let me start off by saying you are the most talented artist I’ve ever seen. Anyway, I think you should read these books called the Hunger Games. They have great oppertunities for you to draw amazing outfits and perhaps a new doll. Please draw one :) thanks,
    S Everdeen

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