1950s Tea Length Wedding Dress with Scalloped Lace and Apple Blossoms

Click for larger version (PNG); click for PDF version. Click here for the list of dolls.

I do love 1950s dresses, and wedding dresses are no exception! This is just a white, tea length one with lots of lace. I’m not too thrilled with the way the flowers turned out, but unfortunately I’ve run out of time for tonight and I need to post what I have. So, I reserve the right to redo them at some point.

Emily guessed the answer to the contest in the comments for this post, so the contest is closed! Last week (from the 8th to the 14th), I had visitors from 115 different countries. Let me know what dress you’d like me to color and how, Emily!

22 thoughts on “1950s Tea Length Wedding Dress with Scalloped Lace and Apple Blossoms

  1. 124 countries sorry I guessed so low trust me it was no insult to this blog at all! This is the world’s best paper doll blog and trust me I have been on many!

  2. 392. Beautiful dress! I’ve recently been buying a lot of 1950’s vintage paper doll books for the lovely fashions that I remember, fitted bodice, full skirt, or sheath with full overskirt…

  3. I love the way the collar curves into the sleeves. My aunt wore a dress almost identical to this one at her wedding.

  4. I love that dress. I would want to have that type of lace on my wedding gown.

    Well, we all were definitely guessing too low. How about 115.

  5. Wow that’s a lot of countries! I was guessing way too low XD
    I like the flowers. And I adore the lace on this, I love lace :)

  6. I’m in vicious for this dresses!
    everyday i come in the site to see the new looks and i have all models saved in pen drive :P

  7. This is very pretty! It reminds me of the type of wedding dresses they would ware on Alice in Wonderland.

  8. Awesome! Am so happy you’re drawing again. Beautiful stuff.

    Am sort of ambivalent about wedding dresses, but mostly due to the fact that I look ungodly awful in white.

  9. Can I choose a dress that has already been colored? Because if so I would like the Lord of the Rings elf gown from 10/5/09, but (kind of opposite of how it was colored before) in blues and grays, maybe a bit of very blueish lavender, and silver trim.

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