Colored Ruffle Gown in Ivory and Gold

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Dani won my last contest, and she said, “Could you maybe do the ruffly dress from the 15th of May in some gold/creamy tones? Since it’s just turned into winter down here in NZ, I miss the warm tones of autumn :P”

I should have held off and not done two yellow dresses in a row, but oh well, it’s cute so I imagine you all can cope. Hope you like it, Dani! I wasn’t too sure about the black and white version, but I think the color really perks it up a little.

I find the poll results pretty curious. To those of you who voted “sometimes,” what precisely does that mean to you? A couple times a month? A couple times a week? If I make a dress I particularly like, or one that’s hard to visualize off the doll? If I make a really boring outfit that needs something else to make it interesting? Since I don’t have any sort of online dress-up option yet, I like having it on the doll, but I can see the logic in the arguments against it, too. I’m open to being swayed, here.

14 thoughts on “Colored Ruffle Gown in Ivory and Gold

  1. Very bright but still gorgeous. Your right that the color makes the dress look more beautiful than it already is. Nice work!

  2. Oh very nice. Much better than my version. I did it all in shades of orange, and it’s pretty, but just sort of… Off. Do you have any tips for those of us who can’t afford Prismacolors? I use Crayola because it’s what I tend to have on hand, is there something better I could be using?

  3. Well i don’t like it on the doll so i think maybe for those of you who do like it on the doll, you can have certain days where they’re on the doll and just the dress. Like Mondays and Fridays, the dress is on the doll and the rest of the days, it’s just the dress.

  4. Yay Liana, it’s even better than I imagined! And it makes me feel happy while it’s pouring down outside :P Thank you!

  5. Thanks, everyone! :)

    Carrie, that’s my punishment for getting lazy on Saturdays and just doing black and white outfits. I look at the finished outfit and think “This would have looked better in color.” But, hey, they take me a fifth of the time, so… ;)

    Sami, you know, I don’t know… I used Crayola colored pencils too, before I learned how to use Prismacolors. But I don’t really remember anything about using them… I’ll think about that one.

    Kim, it’s an interesting idea, but I can barely remember to do Mermaid Monday some weeks, I would never remember when it was doll day and when it was dress day ^^;;

    Dani, I’m so glad! I meant for it to be lighter, actually. My husband watched for a bit while I colored, and he was like, “That’s pretty yellow.” “She said gold and creamy,” I replied, and he said “It looks like she said banana.”

    Sage, I bet it’d be lovely in purple! :D I kind of hope someone picks it again for a contest. It was fun to color.

  6. Hahaha Liana, your husband sounds much like my husband-to-be ;) I don’t think it looks like a banana at all!
    I shall admit that I also did my version in shades of purple, but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted :(

  7. I love it!!! The version I did was a turquoise and gold, it turned out ok! I have a great idea for your next contest. We must guess your favorite disney character. I love Disney, it’s what I grew up with! (Anyone remember magical world of disney on sundays!). It’s a broad topic and it’s very unlikely someone will get it first try! The other idea would be your exact wedding date or your exact age but that might be going a little too deep into your personal life. Perhaps you could even do something like a riddle!

  8. hey, just being me I’ve noticed that your boutique dolls and new dolls have very different body types. Your boutique dolls are a bit bigger. Why?

  9. Oh Im just wondering but what is the link to your old website? the boutique? because i cant find it when i google it :P thanks!

  10. Kelly, there’s no particular reason — I’ve always hated drawing the dolls and I’m just happy if they look human. Ivy is partially based off of a 1940s pattern illustration, which probably accounts for her body shape.

    Reaghan (and others who have suggested this), I probably won’t do two thumbnails – it would look kind of repetitive and cluttery to me. The whole Boutique isn’t online any longer, but sometimes I’ve posted old drawings from there.

  11. yes, that’s great to show the dresses on the dolls. What I’d also like to see is a PDF of the dressed doll as well. They’re so pretty!

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