Pink 1860s Ball Gown with White Scroll Pattern

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Well, today’s dress wasn’t quite what I wanted. I was planning on trying to draw lace with the white gel pen, but I ended up doing it all in pencil instead, and then I picked up the wrong pencil while doing the bodice and colored for a while before I realized my mistake. What I have here is totally different from what I wanted, because after my mistake the only thing I could do was to make it as dark as possible and draw something distracting on top of it. I probably wouldn’t quite so annoyed about my bodice mistake if that skirt hadn’t taken so long!

Anyways, I just thought I hadn’t done a hoop skirt for a while, and it would offer a lot of opportunities to practice drawing lace with the gel pen, which I didn’t even do…

… I’m just going to post this and be done with it!

13 thoughts on “Pink 1860s Ball Gown with White Scroll Pattern

  1. Even if it isn’t what you wanted, it’s BEAUTIFUL and I’m glad it turned out the way it did. This has just easily become one of my favorite dresses.

  2. Well you seem to hide your mistakes very well! It’s a bit too pink for me but i like it all the same :)

  3. People like me couldn’t even tell there was something wrong with the dress ’till i read the post! i personally think it’s pretty…but it doesn’t seem like this dress was a mistake!:)

  4. You can call this a mistake but I love it so much!! The bodice really is beautiful!

    Curious though, what colour did you intend to use?

  5. It may not have been how you intended it to be but, it is so pretty and I love the colour of the bodice…

  6. It was supposed to be the same light pink, with a sash of the darker color with some flowers tucked into it (so it wouldn’t be quite so pink).

  7. I like it, and if you wouldn’t have told us that it was a mistake, nobody would have noticed ;)

  8. Wow, it is very pink. I really like the lace with the ribbon above it. You do ruffles amazingly well. I like the burgundy, it’s my mother’s favorite color.

  9. It’s an amazing dress and I think it would look just as good without the light pink and lace ruffles along the top. Oh, and also the lace and fabric just under the sleeves. : )

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