Mermaid Monday #16: Blue Strapless Gown with Silver Sash and Ocean Pattern

Click for larger version (PNG); click for PDF version. Click here for the list of dolls.

I don’t really think this is the type of thing a mermaid would wear for a ball on land… too subdued. It’s got a melancholy feeling to me, as if the wearer would much rather be back among the waves, but barring that, she will settle for having them on her hem. And so I wonder what brought her to land in the first place? Is she a diplomat or an ambassador of some sort? Did she make an ill-advised marriage with a sailor or a prince? Is she cursed never to touch foot to salt water again?

Tomorrow is the end of the contest, so today is your last chance to guess! Good luck!

Question: How many Prismacolor pencils do I own as of May 18th?
This includes the ones that I use, all the stubby little pencils that are too short for my current sharpener but I just can’t toss, all the ones I have in reserve and my set of Verithin pencils I hardly ever use.

Just to restate the rules:
1) It’s a new year, so even if you’ve already won one, feel free to guess again.
2) One guess per person per post.
3) If no one gets the exact number by noon EST, May 25th, I’ll pick the closest guess.

No love for winter, huh? Winter is my favorite season until about February 3rd…

26 thoughts on “Mermaid Monday #16: Blue Strapless Gown with Silver Sash and Ocean Pattern

  1. *loves* You know, after seeing so many of your incredibly gorgeous gowns it’s hard to come up with some original way to express how awesome I think it is. So… Squeeee!!!! This is sooo pretty! I love it! <3 Love the shape of the skirt, and the sash and… you're amazing. :-)
    Okay, um, 326.

  2. I love it! The pattern is exquisite and don’t get me started about the belt! Oh and my guess for today? well, I’ve already guessed 502, 437, 456, 463 and 763 so I think I’ll try the six hundreds um… 615

  3. Laina you have done it agien! This is a beutiful (pardon my spelling) dress. Im gonna gues 1112 colored pencils

  4. i love it, this is so pretty! what i think would be totally awesome is that you maybe draw a male doll and make male clothes! that would be so awesome :D :) im thinking maybe 734 ? random random random

  5. The dress is really pretty! I saw this website the other day about different national costumes around the world, and to me, the Norwegian national outfits really stood out. I was wondering if you could make a dress like that? Oh, and my final guess is 455!

  6. WOW…. I have been coming here for a few months- and I must say, I really love this one. Its one of my favorites! The graceful curves remind me of how the water curves when its hits the beach.
    Now I just have to think of a number- I’m going to guess 322.
    Thanks for posting so many different and amazing dresses!

  7. I agree with Colleen, you are amazing when you get around to it. =] haha I still love you though, even though you get wrapped up in life, and sometimes forget about your fellow-paper-doll-ers.
    haha. =]
    I like the dress a lot, and those questions there make you think. I bet she was a poor mermaid girl who was evicted by the kingdom for a crime she didn’t do, and they had a mermaid witch curse her so that she could never touch saltwater again, like you said.
    Then she made herself this dress before she left, and went up to land….. maybe I’ll let you figure out the rest…. tehe.

  8. Beautiful! Gorgeous! Fabulous! Amazing! Unique! Fantastic! All of these words describe this dress! Tres magnifique!!

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