Black and White Ruqun

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Despite the fact that I think they’re gorgeous, I know hardly anything about traditional Chinese clothes, so I was glad when I was finally able to put a name to this kind of outfit — a ruqun! I’ve seen it before many times, but never knew what it was called. I don’t think I got the sleeves quite right, but it is a first attempt…

No one has the answer to my question yet. I guess the good part is, the eventual winner now has one more black and white outfit to choose from…

Question: How many Prismacolor pencils do I own as of May 18th?
This includes the ones that I use, all the stubby little pencils that are too short for my current sharpener but I just can’t toss, all the ones I have in reserve and my set of Verithin pencils I hardly ever use.

Just to restate the rules:
1) It’s a new year, so even if you’ve already won one, feel free to guess again.
2) One guess per person per post.
3) If no one gets the exact number by noon EST, May 25th, I’ll pick the closest guess.

Also, I’m putting up a new poll, just to satisfy my own curiosity…

33 thoughts on “Black and White Ruqun

  1. Oh how pretty! I Googled it to look for coloring ideas, I’ve got some good ideas now :)
    My new guess is 528

  2. Pfft. Not only did I forget to link to the Wikipedia page, but I forgot to change the PDF link? There’s a reason I should get started on this stuff earlier ;) Thanks for the heads up, I changed it!

  3. Pretty! 763 randomness! I’m getting better at not over-thinking things and I do know that to mathematic formula could possibly get me the answer!SO here, randomness oh and by the way, I can now see the dresses on your paper doll archive they are so pretty! Thank-you so much!

  4. 321!
    Guestion: on the 25th you’ll pick the closest guess. Let’s say the answer is 350, and one person answers 351, another 349. Then what happens?

  5. Actually I like both very much, spring and summer, but well.
    I love today dress, first I thought oh finally a kimono because I was only seeing the upper part first, my computer is kind of slow at the moment…
    But this one is very nice as well.
    New guess: 328

  6. This one looks very fun to color, and I’ve been reading a manga book with these types of clothes in it, so I’m glad to have a name for them. Okay, so far I’ve guessed 615,530,and 445…so enough with predictability! I’m guessing 749!!

  7. ***335****I don’t think anyone guessed this and I would like this dress done with a dragon up the side. You always drew great dragons. Now don’t disappoint your mother.

  8. Thanks, everyone :)

    Mom, I seem to remember you saying when I first announced the contest that you weren’t bored enough to try to guess how many colored pencils I had? I guess you really want that dragon up the side? *laughs* Maybe I should have a mother clause for my black and white contests, because it’s not 335 :)

  9. #### 416####and for the record you have waayyy too many pencils. (And yes, that dress *needs* a dragon.)

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