Contest Conclusion!

As of May 18, I owned 403 Prismacolor pencils.

That means that Ophelia’s guess of 400 from the very first day was the closest one. Congratulations Ophelia — pick out a black and white dress (any of them, not just the most recent) and tell me how you want me to color it!

Thanks to everyone else for guessing! I’m sorry I made it go on so long, though…

Brian made this chart of what the votes looked like. Thanks dear!

6 thoughts on “Contest Conclusion!

  1. I can’t believe i won! I’ll pick the ruqun, since there isn’t a colored version of it, and the masquerade dress already came out so prettily!

    I loved the movie Mulan when i was little, so what about a Mulan inspired dress? Mulan wears a different style of ruqun in the movie, so it won’t be the same, but what about the same colors; light green for the top and dark, almost midnight blue for the skirt, maybe navy or red for the sash.

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