Halloween Masquerade Series #1: Black and White Masquerade Gown (with bonus colored brown and red elf gown)

Click for larger version (black and white masquerade gown) (PNG), click for larger version (brown and red elf dress) (PNG); click for PDF version (black and white masquerade gown), click for PDF version (brown and red elf dress).Click here for the list of dolls.

Sorry for missing yesterday – the time went past a lot quicker than it’s supposed to. There is a chance I won’t post tomorrow, but that is because I want my masquerade series to be great and I don’t want to rush it… We’ll see, wish me luck. If I don’t post tomorrow, you have this black and white masquerade gown to keep you company…

The elf dress coloring was suggested by Monica, who guessed my favorite warm color to be Sunburst Yellow (it’s in there, actually, in the gold part). Hope you like it! As before, I’ll color the masquerade dress to the order of whoever guesses this week’s question, and it’s kind of a strange one…
I learned my technique for coloring gold (fabric, metal) a while back, when I tried copying a costume from a specific singer or musical group. Which singer / musical group was it?
Not giving you any more clues than that… One guess per person please!

Leaving the poll on the LOTR costumes up a little longer…

18 thoughts on “Halloween Masquerade Series #1: Black and White Masquerade Gown (with bonus colored brown and red elf gown)

  1. My guess is Elvis!
    And I think the elf dress came out wonderfully. It looks vaguely Roman or Spartan. Maybe a military elf would wear it :D

  2. That is such a beautiful dress! I found you about a week ago, and I am purely amazed! I am glad that I have found you when you are making masquerade gowns because I am doing a Phantom of the Opera based outfit, and I really need inspiration!

  3. OOOOO!!
    I love both of these dresses!!!
    Here is a picture of the masquerade dress that I colored!

  4. HI, I love the black and white masquerade gown and would like to make this dress only for me to wear, not to sell. I hope that is okay, and I would love to send a picture of it after it is finished… i just have to figure out how :) Hope its all right!

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