Strapless Fire Gown in Orange and Red

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So some days I’m happy to draw, and I can slave over little picky details for hours and not get bored. Some days I’m not that into it, but after a half hour nothing can make me stop. Then some days I just want to color, and not in a reasonable kind of way but just in a wild way. That’s what led to this dress. I’m kind of so-so about it, but my husband really thought it was pretty. He also said “It’s the kind of dress where, if you took it to a dressmaker and asked to have it made, you’d get punched in the face. But it works as a fantasy dress.” And so I posted it. Paperdoll fans, you don’t know what kind of debt you owe to my husband, because a lot of things I’d draw I’d probably never post if he didn’t look and say “Oh, it’s cute!” I’m very critical of myself, so if he thinks it’s OK, probably it’s OK…

No one has guessed my favorite color of Prismacolor… I’ll give just one hint, it is NOT my favorite color. (You can guess what my favorite color is just by taking a good hard look at this page… *cough*green*cough*)

17 thoughts on “Strapless Fire Gown in Orange and Red

  1. Wow this is one of my favorites! It’s sexy and dramatic, makes me think of the tango. Thank you to your hubby because we definitely want to see these things!

  2. I adore this dress. It’s organic and wild and you can tell it was sort of off the top of your head which makes it all the more cool. One of the things I regret about working in pen and ink is that since I pencil, then ink, then clean up, then shade. I don’t tend to get to draw off the cuff like this.

  3. It is absolutely lovely dress! I love the way how colors blend in to each other and the way how bodice is formed. Fire is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

  4. hi Liana, I was wondering if you could draw a ballerina outfit perhaps a tu-tu? good luck with the baby

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