Black and White Princess Gown for Coloring

Click for larger version (PNG); click for PDF version. Click here for the list of dolls.

The black-and-white dresses started as something I could do without running into scanner problems, but it turns out they’re fun and take about a fourth of the time as a regular outfit. So expect to see them more often! Again, if you color one I’d love to see it, so post a link in the comments!

So I ordered a new batch of colored pencils. Guess how many I ordered? Post your answer in the comments. I’ll close the guessing when I post Wednesday’s outfit (7:30 AM EST), and I’ll color this gown as the winner likes, as a little prize.

24 thoughts on “Black and White Princess Gown for Coloring

  1. AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! My printer keeps making the pic. smaller, and it only prints half of it!!what am I supposed to do??

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