White Dress with Blue Tunic and Forget-Me-Nots for September

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Finally, another birthday dress! I want to fill in the months I never got around to this year as well, but for now I will start at the current date. September’s birth flower (one of them, at least) is the forget-me-not, and its birth stone (again, one of them) is sapphire, making it easy to pick the dress’ predominant color. Adding the necklace on top of it all was kind of gilding the lily, but oh well.

It is only September 4th, but I’m starting to think about October. Last year I did a month of Halloween costumes, and I had so much fun I’m thinking of doing another theme month. I could do another month of random costumes like I did last year, or I could do something more narrowly focused. For example, Brian suggested a month of famous witch costumes – the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch, Willow, the Grand High Witch, Minerva McGonagall and so on. If anyone else has any other ideas, leave a comment! I’ve got all month to think about it.

12 thoughts on “White Dress with Blue Tunic and Forget-Me-Nots for September

  1. Ooooo! This is so pretty! My birthday is in september! It in fact would have been on Halloween but i was born a month earlier. I too am thinking about Halloween (in fact obsessed with it). I think you should really do just random, more of a variety, like if we had only witch costumes it would be kinda boring (no offence, but you kinda have to admit a lot of witches dress the same). Or you could do something like that, but it would have to be an unique sort of theme, one that would give us a lot of variety, but keep to a theme still. GREAT WORK THOUGH!! Excellent…I want it…:)

  2. I love the idea of a theme. It would be fun to see so many different styles of witches especially since the ones you mentioned had completely different costumes. What about doing a Lord of the Rings theme? I loved your hobbit ones you did for your mom!

  3. I like the idea of having a more narrowly focused theme, but maybe you could do a week of one theme, like the witches, and then another theme on a different week. Anyway, I can’t wait to see!

  4. I rather like Alicia’s idea of doing a week of theme since it would save you from having to come up with thirty-one of a narrow topic. On a slightly unrelated note, the draping in the front of this skirt is simply stunning.

  5. Last year’s Halloween costumes were absolutely BRILLIANT. I don’t know how you’ll outdo yourself this year! I like the idea of a theme, but I could see how it might get tedious. Maybe one theme a week for the four weeks of October? Or maybe something broad, like “magic” instead of “witches”.

  6. Yay!!! I’m so glad you’re back! I think you should definitely do more Halloween costumes. A month of witches would be fun. You could add some Addams Family characters like Morticia and Wednesday and maybe the witches from Practical Magic and Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter or even others from the series. But I agree with Toni. A Lord of the Rings costume would be cool too. I’m just so happy you’re updating again!!!

  7. This dress is beautiful!!! I am totally with a Halloween thing… But I’m not sure with just witches. Okay this is kinds cheesey but I just am dying to like see a good fairie bad fairie outfit, if you’ve already done this and I just havnt found it let me know. Well see ya! And a big hand to all your creations they take my breath away from a simple dress to a bright colorful mermaid =D bye bye

  8. Interesting ideas so far, thanks everyone! I kind of like four themes, one theme a week (and I guess I get to do whatever I like the first three days of the month).

    Holly, I never did do many fairy outfits for Sylvia and Iris, but I did a couple, including a couple evil fairies, for my old old paperdoll series: http://joechip.net/liana/archives/cat_paperdolls.html so check that out :) I also did a nightshade fairy for Halloween, so look at the October 08 archives.

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