Morning Glory Blue and White Princess Gown

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So the masses – relatively speaking, at least, eighty-some paperdoll fans at last count – have spoken, and you want me to draw new things instead of spending my time rescanning old ones. I maintain that if you knew how beautiful some of my old dresses were supposed to be — but new things it is, and I will rescan old things on days when I am feeling lazy.

This is technically a lazy day too: when I was on vacation I got together with my cousin Becky and we got out the Prismacolors for an old-school paperdoll jam session! This gown and another I’ll post tomorrow are the ones I did, and she did two as well which I will post. The gold looks a little flat on this one because I used the Prismacolor gold pencil which doesn’t scan well, but I really like how the blue came out. It looks like it could be a backup for one of my twelve neglected princesses, doesn’t it?

21 thoughts on “Morning Glory Blue and White Princess Gown

  1. Welcome back Liana! So exciting to see a new dress on here. I’ve got back to drawing my own paperdolls aswell.

  2. hi i am so glad that u are back i have mist new dreses so much and i defunutly whant u to draw mor but i also think u shold mack som mor dolls for the dreses to fit i am sorter geting bord if the same doll

  3. wow – this is amazing! i have looked at most of your dresses, they are all gorgeous!!!
    i have a paperdoll blog too, it’s really different from this one though. :)

  4. How wonderful to have you back and with a new scanner to help. I look forward to seeing new things on the blog. And this dress is lovely.

  5. Hi everyone, thanks for the kind comments! I’ve been out of town most of this last week but now I should be back, and I think that’s the last of my vacations for a while. ;)

  6. I really wish i would be able to print these dresses and paper dolls out. Unfortuanatly my parents are sorta in charge of ink for the printer, and it has been a long time since we bought colored ink. Sigh…

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