Green Dress with White Tunic and Daisies for April

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So I did a birthday dress for January and then proceeded to ignore February and March — I’m very sorry, anyone with birthdays in those months who was waiting for one. (I’ll do them this month, since belated birthday presents are better than nothing, right?) This is a dress for April, since one of the birth flowers for this month is the daisy. Like January’s, it’s intended to be vaguely angelic, but not based in any particular theology — I think of the birthday dresses as like those little statues you can buy for a kid every year where the characters get older, actually.

January’s drives me crazy, because the white part on the red skirt, there were supposed to be flowers in there, and I got fed up with the dress and it was late and I never drew them in. Maybe I’ll dig it out of my box and put them in, then it won’t bug me… This one I like a lot, though, so that makes up for many failures.

Yeah, no April Fool’s joke for you this year, sorry. Maybe next year!

19 thoughts on “Green Dress with White Tunic and Daisies for April

  1. I really love this dress! It’s so floaty and springy and pretty–it wouldn’t be out of place at a springtime celebration in some enchanted land. I want to put it on and spin around in circles. (That’s not weird, right??)

  2. Wow, what a great spring dress!! It really makes you feel that its springtime.The sun shines and pepole are out and eating the firts icecream for the year.

  3. Hi Liana
    I wonder how i can get your e-mail? I whant to send you the Black and White Princess Gown for Coloring that i did. =) Best regards

  4. I think it is one of the best gowns you have ever made. Design is very good and shading is very realistic. Great job!

  5. I love this dress.
    Make one for March please, I do have abirthday then and I love late birthday presents.

  6. I love this dress.I’m going crazy that there aren’t any new one though. I check on this site every day.

  7. Red and green are my favorite colors, but pink is my daughter’s, and she would like more pink! We are in the process of printing all your lovely clothes. I have saved all the new ones except for the Kerry Edwards shirt, lol…I did get Hilary’s ugly pantsuit, yours looks so much better! Thank you for posting your dolls and dresses, they are beautiful. My daughter also requests that February dress, and a Santa suit. She is 5.

  8. Thanks Anna, I hope she enjoys them! I’m going to catch up on the month dresses in November (and Santa I think may have to wait until December… is it almost December already?). For some reason I don’t do pink often (I don’t like a lot of my pink colored pencils) but I will give it a shot more often in the future :)

  9. Hello there, Happy April Fool’s Day!

    Four Jewish ladies are playing Bridge.
    Betty sighs and says, “Oy…”
    Freda nods, sighs, and says, “Oy vey!”
    Kitty says, “Oy veys meer!”
    Charlotte chimes in: “Enough talk about the children already. Let’s get back to the game.”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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