Halloween Costume Series Day 20: Halloween Themed 1700s French Court Dress with Orange Bows and Spider Lace

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Now, I actually don’t believe in ghosts, but if Marie Antoinette walks the earth still, I like to think she has something like this to comfort her. It would certainly comfort me, not that I intend to become a ghost. Just think, if one was a ghost and wearing panniers one wouldn’t have to turn sideways to go through a door anymore! Thanks to Antoinette’s Closet for inspiration.

In any case, thank you everyone for following my costume month. My goal was to do one a day, and I got 20 done (plus one Hinawa, and a couple of Boutique posts) which isn’t bad. I hope those of you who aren’t really all that into Halloween didn’t get too bored, and I hope that those of you who do enjoy Halloween liked some of my costumes and are enjoying yourself in some fashion tonight.

So, now I want to know which one was everyone’s favorite. We’ll do this in four parts, with part 1 today and closing in two days…

Halloween Costume Series Day Five Billion: Ro-Bat and Its Lesser Bipedal Accomplice

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Radar the kitten here! Reportin for duty! Here’s the deal! Liana went to sleep, what a joke! Everybody knows that kittens sleep 22 hours a day yet somehow manage to continually find themselves underfood underfoot and climbing on stuff! Ha-ha! But I have been reformed! So I am pulling my weight (all 2½ pounds!) by helping out! It is pretty rad to be a kitten!

So I scanned in these drawings Liana made of things that aren’t cat food! And here’s what they are! The thing here is the TERRIBLE Ro-Bat! O woe the Ro-Bat! It is sensitive to light on account of its multi creepoid compound eyes! So the Ro-Bat wheels around looking for planets to ruin and despoil! Only to be blinded by the astrobulb on the helm of its lesser bipedal accomplice!

While this is bad news for them! It’s good news for us! Means I am liable to get more of that gnarly cat food! You should try some! Here! Let me put some in your shoes! AWESOME! It is even cute because I am a kitten!

<3 Radar the kitten!

P.S. — Here is a picture of me! Because the only thing cuter than a kitten is a kitten somebody is looking at on the internet!!

Halloween Costume Series Day 18: Evil Queen in Purple, Green and Silver Gown with Ruby Necklace

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Apologies for not putting up one yesterday, our internet connection gave out…

So I sketched this one out thinking “evil queen.” I drew it thinking “evil queen.” I was filling in the pattern on the poison-green dress with glee thinking “totally evil queen, heh heh heh.” And then my husband comes along and says, “ooh, it’s very oceany.”

No, I say, it’s “evil-y.”

“Oceany,” he says. “Like an ocean queen or something.”

So I put the vote to you, paperdoll fans. Who’s right?

By the way, cut a line right down the middle of the collar to make it fit the doll. I didn’t add something indicating that on the doll, sorry!

Halloween Costume Series Day 17: Dorcas Snodgrass’ 1910s Light Blue Nurse Outfit with Full White Apron and Cap

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“Nurse,” of course, is one of the more popular women’s Halloween costumes but I think they’re often of the “sexy” variety; I suppose the connotation is “hot yet nurturing” but it always makes me think of things like getting blood drawn, which isn’t really the intended effect. Thinking about nurse costumes did remind me of this Metafilter article about a nurse named Dorcas Snodgrass who died under mysterious circumstances in 1912. The article links to this picture of her in the Library of Congress photostream, under which there’s a great comment that brings together some New York Times articles about her disappearance and death, officially ruled a suicide. (The Metafilter thread itself is mostly just good for theories and chatting about the name Snodgrass.) So there — not much of an elaborate costume, but a genuinely creepy nurse story for Halloween.