Princess Garnet’s White Gown from Final Fantasy IX

Click for larger version; click for the list of dolls.

Brian finished Final Fantasy IX recently, and since I’ve always loved the gown that Garnet a.k.a. Dagger wears at the beginning and end of the game, I just had to paperdoll it. For cutting this one out, it ought to work to cut the sleeve around the ends, and then both arm and sleeve go above the skirt. I am tempted to do a “Fancy Gowns of Final Fantasy Games” series…

Once again, Verithin pencils to the rescue with those vines. I love those things.

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9 thoughts on “Princess Garnet’s White Gown from Final Fantasy IX

  1. I’ve never played FFX, actually… I was thinking I might like to, recently, and then our PS2 started acting… mysterious when I was playing FFXII. (Dear PS2: Yes, you CAN find the Final Fantasy XII disc. Keep trying. I’ll wait.)

    If I ever play it, though, I will definitely keep an eye out for it. Funny that I want to play it more now that I know there’s a wedding dress involved ;)

  2. Come to think of it, the SeeD uniforms are pretty sharp… I like Rinoa’s outfit, but I don’t like Rinoa herself, so that is problematic, and Edea’s outfit is another one I like, but with the underwear drawn on the dolls, it doesn’t really work for them…

  3. oh please please PLEASE do a series of fancy final fantasy gowns!
    I love costuming and dressing up in fancy gowns for cons and parties and halloween and masquerades and my fiance loves FF…I want to dress us in sort of unmatching outfits this year but with a theme and he just might wear something FF themed. And I’ve never played the games so no clue wear to start

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