Mermaid Monday #2: Copper-Tailed Mermaid with White and Blue Silk Top

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This copper-tailed mermaid is sister to the golden-tailed mermaid we saw a few weeks back, and I suppose there must be a sister with a silver tail in the mix somewhere, because I can’t draw silver either and it’s high time I learned. Anyways, she is a little more fond of decoration than her sister, wearing fine silk and warm-colored precious stones daily. In truth, she is somewhat self-conscious about her tail, since she picked up the idea somewhere that copper is less precious than silver or gold, and she feels a need to compensate with expensive decorations. (Copper tails, actually, are slightly less common than either color, but somehow that doesn’t comfort her. And what’s the most uncommon color? Stay tuned and we will find out in a future Mermaid Monday.)

So I don’t forget, copper colors are, from darkest to lightest: dark umber, sienna brown, burnt ochre, pumpkin orange, mineral orange, peach, light peach and white. And of course, the colorless blender, which makes everything beautiful.

5 thoughts on “Mermaid Monday #2: Copper-Tailed Mermaid with White and Blue Silk Top

  1. You nailed the copper fins beautifully! I can imagine her resting on a rock and blinding the sailors with a flip of the tail.

  2. I think with a month or two of Mermaid Mondays I will have fins down entirely. They’ve historically been the part I ignored and drew very sloppily. (Cute mermaid top? Check. Shiny mermaid tail? Check. Neat finny mermaid fins? Shoot, I’m getting tired…)

    And yeah, I think she and her precious metal sisters would be quite dangerous in the right setting!

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