Rheya’s white beach dress from Solaris (book)

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I read Solaris carefully, but all we know is that when Rheya returns, she wears a white beach dress. No visible fastenings — the buttons are ornamental — and short sleeves that hide the evidence of her suicide. I drew this days ago and went back and forth about posting it; I’m influenced in my image of Rheya by the 1972 movie, and this seems too cheerful for Rheya somehow, but it creeped Brian out, so that’s in its favor. The only other thing she wore that was described was the orange-and-brown striped bathrobe… In the movie, she has a lovely brownish dress, but I can’t do that from memory and I can’t find pictures of it. (decent ones, at least. it’s partially visible here and here.)

And you, my dear, what would you see of me? What would be missing, what would I not recognize?

17 thoughts on “Rheya’s white beach dress from Solaris (book)

  1. Hi i just discovered your paper dolls and i think they are just fabulous! i’m a design student in Australia and these illustrations are very inspiring. I especially love the Anna Kararnia ball gown. The detail is amazing. I just love your work :)

  2. Thanks, Whitney! That gown is one of my personal favorites, too… I don’t think I could ever do it again, but I might have to do something with that style of lace, it was fun to draw :)

  3. Kris Kelvin: “I could not bear to expose myself again to the sound of that horrifying voice, which was no longer even remotely human. I felt I was justified in thinking that I had defeated the ‘simulacra,’ and that behind the illusion, contrary to all expectation, I had found the real Rheya again — the Rheya of my memories, whom the hypothesis of madness would have destroyed.”

  4. I’ve been a fan of your work for a really long time now, and I have to say I loved that book, and you did a lovely job on the dress. :]

  5. Just wondering if your paperdolls are copywrited. I belong to an online forum http://www.christianforums.com and we have characters and we can change their clothes, etc. We love your paperdolls and were wondering if we could use them to get ideas for clothes!


  6. Hi
    I loved your designs so much! I wonder if you can let me use your old draws to make a paperdoll dressup site where young girls will be able to actually dress your doll with your clothes, I of course will give you all the credits and a link back to your blog.
    thank you very much!

  7. Hi,
    i discovered your blog around a year ago, but never really got a chance to compliment your work. i am a student in Mumbai, India and i like your dolls and dresses a lot especially the anna karenina and crumbling mountian dresses

  8. Just found your blog, it’s so wonderful. :) I loved paper dolls as a kid and still think they’re great, so it’s been really fun for me to look through your posts. Thanks!

  9. Hi! I also just love your work! :-) I was wondering the same thing as Anabella– would it be ok if a couple of your dresses were to be used on an online dollmaker? Credit and a link back would of course be given. Thanks!

  10. Hello! My God, you’re drawings are amazing! I really really really love them(: I wish i could draw like you. Nice work! (My God they’re really lovely!) Oh, and btw, where are you come from?

  11. I stumbled on your site while searching for Harry Potter paper dolls. Your work is beautiful! I printed the dolls out for my son and daughter to play with. Lovely gowns you have designed. Are you still at it? I notice the last post is from last spring. Hope you are well!

  12. Hi everyone, thanks for the sweet comments! Sorry I’ve been neglecting this page for a year and never replied to them… Now that I’m updating my page and no one is commenting, I doubly appreciate reading the old ones ;)

    I would prefer not to have the dolls and dresses made into any online dressup games, just in case I want to do something similar myself in the future. (I probably should put that into some sort of FAQ) Thanks for asking, though :)

    And I’m from Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

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