Rachael’s Black Suit from Blade Runner

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“Do you like our owl?”

Yeah, this owl, the Official Kerr Family Owl:

Brian and I saw Blade Runner on the big screen the other day, and it was glorious, much like Rachael’s hair when it’s freed from those tight rolls. I don’t know if the book described really ugly clothes as Ubik did (now there’s a paperdoll I haven’t done yet that cries for a yellow houndstooth poncho and green leather boots!), but if it did the movie was ever so faithful to it. I just about cried whenever there was a closeup on Deckard’s shirt, that thing was perfectly hideous. But this outfit that Rachael wears in the beginning I liked, even if I can’t quite add the achingly noir cigarette smoke, and even if it did turn out a shade more “grey” then “black,” and even if the shoulder pads aren’t quite padded enough…

(Yes, incidentally, Brian is a graduate of the Calvin School of Art…)