Masquerade Gown with Black Velvet Bodice, White Lace, Purple Skirt and Glittering Strands

A masquerade gown with a black velvet bodice with a damask pattern. The neckline is off the shoulders and slightly V-shaped, and is trimmed with a line of light purple ribbon. There is a decoration of rhinestones at the bust. The sleeves are three-quarter, and their edges are trimmed with more purple ribbon. There are long ruffles attached to the edges of the sleeves, and they are purple and decorated with strands of glowing rhinestones. The bodice extends over the top of the skirt and is gathered at one hip, decorated with a light purple bow. From the bow, four rows of ruffles fall towards the base of the skirt like a waterfall. Each one is made of white lace. The skirt is purple, and falls to the floor. It is decorated with looped strands of delicate rhinestones.Click for larger version (PNG); click for PDF version. Click here for the list of dolls.

Another masquerade gown! I must confess I’m getting a little bored of recoloring but I’m learning a great deal. I think, though, that I’ll start doing new things next week. I’ll try for a Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule. The lace and the sparklies are from Obsidian Dawn and the damask pattern is from sofi01.

The contest I had going has already been won… Sarah, tell me how you’d like me to color this one, please!