Aelinora and Four Dresses, Free For Christmas!

Liana's Paper Dolls Christmas 2014 Aelinora -- download for free until December 28! An adult female elf paper doll with straight blonde hair and green eyes. She's wearing a light blue dress with a V neck and an empire waist. The sleeves are long and semi-transparent, with silver designs up and down the arms, and the overskirt is open in the front, showing a light blue underskirt bordered with silver scrolls.Merry Christmas, to those who celebrate it; happy end of 2014, to everyone else! I’ve prepared a Christmas paperdoll based on a paperdoll I drew ten years ago: Aelinora, an elvish princess who gets bored of traditional elven Christmas celebrations and sneaks off to work at Santa’s workshop. She has four outfits (the two old ones won’t fit, I’m afraid) plus a little poem. The color and black and white PDFs are available as downloads on Gumroad for $2. It’s thanks to my mom – revisiting Aelinora was her idea.

Aelinora will have a bonus dress and short story available for free — but neither are done yet, so watch this space and I will get them up soon.

I’m excited about 2015 and I hope it brings wonderful things for all of you!

Aelinora the elvish princess from the Paperdoll Blog, Christmas 2004

I drew this paperdoll, Aelinora, in 2004, but she doesn’t show up on the page with all of my old paperdolls because of a mix-up with the tags. That gives me, then, an excuse to post her again! She only has these two outfits, but she is one of my favorites.

Here is her story:

I don’t know too many elvish princesses who have part-time jobs during the holiday season; most of them prefer to do things like contemplate snowflakes, play elvish carols on absurdly delicate harps or linger poetically around frosty forests. Aelinora, it must be confessed, also has a weakness for picturesque frivolity, but more than anything she loves to bring joy to others. Every year since she was ten, she leaves her home somewhere around October and goes to apply for employment at Santa’s workshop. Naively believing she has concealed her identity well, she works feverishly alongside the others, making holiday toys for the world’s children. (Her specialty is designing patterns for stuffed animals; I myself own a stuffed dragon that she designed a few years ago which won her accolades from her peers.) She and the other elves work right up until Christmas Eve, but when it comes time for the pre-Christmas party, she is nowhere to be seen; she is already home, living the life of an elvish princess once more. One can’t miss out on all the snowflake contemplating, you know.

I am thinking about Aelinora because she has a cameo in the story I intended to post while I was on vacation, but I only finished two of the necessary dresses. So she, and that story, may yet show up again.

So, I’m back home, adjusting to Michigan time, and I will start posting new outfits for Sylvia and Iris tomorrow. Thank you for your patience during my vacation!

Blonde Paperdoll with Blue Morning Glory Ballgown circa 2000

Click for the doll.

Faith asked me to post — I think — this doll and her outfits. (I don’t think I did any others that fit the bill, is this the right one?) I drew her towards the end of the Paperdoll Boutique era, sometime in 2000. (Those butterfly clips were real cool when I was in high school.) My intention was to start off by redrawing all of the boutique dresses for her. Hah! Yeah, I got real far on that one. This is the “sneak preview” version, so I left in the text I added.

She never would have made a good mermaid, but she did have a handful of outfits — which is actually where I run into trouble. You see, I have a way of storing data on my computer that makes my husband cry. (Example: one of the most precious files on my computer is stored in nested folders named like so: Liana -> Projects -> Liana-old -> Text -> tempjunk. Why? I couldn’t tell you.) I’ve got zip files with unexplained names, and who knows how many files that open with programs I haven’t had for years. I like to pretend that someday I’ll sort everything out, but in reality I’m going to have to write in my will: “Burn my computer upon my death, it’s beyond redemption.” So, I know the rest of her outfits are there on my computer somewhere, because I’ve seen them within the past three months. But I don’t remember how I found them, and I couldn’t find them today. I’ll post them when I do find them, though.

Brian says he’ll help me find them, so all is not lost. “I’ll create a GUI using Visual Basic to see if we can track an IP address,” he says.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting — I’ve been busy with some other things, and a little nervous about my new job, which I start tomorrow (teaching ESL classes). I should actually have some time once things calm down, though…

Sylvia, my new paper doll, with green halter dress

Click for larger version; click for the doll.

I’ve been thinking of returning to paperdolls for some time now. There’s a lot to re-learn, but I think I did all right… the dress is somewhat quick and dirty, but as usual I labored over the doll for a few days. I hate doing the dolls!

She doesn’t have a name yet. I hadn’t thought that far ahead. But I think again the format will be the “paperdoll blog,” I really enjoyed doing that before. Maybe no one reads the words but me, but I like having the record of my temping days.

Edit: Sylvia is her name.

By the way, this is the start of the new paperdoll series with Sylvia and Iris (and whoever else comes next); if you want more of my paperdolls, click here for my old paperdoll blog!