Correct Size for Last Four PDFs

Sarah and dannyscotland reported that the dresses weren’t printing out right, and it turns out that the problem was on my end: I was resizing them to 80%, not 85%, so they were just a little bit too small. This affects the last four dresses (the 1930s dress, the red dress, the tulle ballgown and the rainbow gown). I’ve updated all of the PDFs on the site as well as the collected PDFs on Gumroad. I apologize to anyone who printed and cut out dresses that didn’t fit, and I’ll take more care in the future. Please let me know if there’s any other problems with them!

4 thoughts on “Correct Size for Last Four PDFs

    1. I’m glad too! It was just a brain misfire because it had been a while since I drew and put up anything, I’m glad you guys caught it so soon!

    1. Thank you for posting something about the problem! I guess my thought process was, one person is probably their problem, two people is probably my problem ;)

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