White Gown with Rainbow Tulle and Rhinestones

A strapless white satin gown with a subtle scroll pattern woven into the fabric and a rhinestone pattern on the bodice. The dress has an empire waist and is mermaid style, fitting tightly around the legs. On one hip is a puffy white satin bow, under which are several puffs of tulle arranged in rainbow colors that fall to the floor. Each puff of tulle is decorated with a number of rhinestones at the edge.

I said that today would be the contest winner elf dress, but I just got back from a trip back to Michigan for my sister-in-law’s wedding and didn’t leave enough time to color the dress properly. Luckily, I already had this dress finished! Before I left on my trip, I was nearly three dresses ahead of schedule, and now the number is back down to zero…

After I finished my previous tulle gown, I wanted to do more and more tulle. I sketched out some dresses, and after I’d sketched this one I decided that I needed to make it into a proper dress immediately. I’m very proud of it — the tulle was fun to make, and I love how billowy it looks. The dress has a Marilyn Monroe singing Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend-style vibe, I think.

Next week will (actually) be the elf dress from my last contest, plus a new poll to decide on what I’ll do for the next contest. Don’t forget that you can now download combined color and black and white PDFs of all of my 2014 dolls and outfits for free! Also follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for sneak previews, paperdoll thoughts and Art Nouveau jewelry. If you enjoy my work, I’d also appreciate your support through Patreon.

7 thoughts on “White Gown with Rainbow Tulle and Rhinestones

  1. This is so fun. There’s something very 80s prom dress about it (in a good way). Definite improvement on the tulle drawing process. I can’t wait to see more tulle.

    1. Yeah, this one is a combination of tulle brush + hand-drawn shading using adjustment layers, and I really like how it turned out :)

  2. Your newest dresses are so gorgeous! We are having a great time printing them out and playing with them. We have noticed that when we use the PDF to print them, they seem just a tad small. Is that something I’m doing wrong on my end? I’m pretty clueless about these things. I’d appreciate any helpful suggestions. Thank you so much!

    1. OK — thanks to this comment I just realized I’ve been screwing something up, and I fear to go back and look for how long I’ve been screwing it up. I resized the doll and subsequent outfits to 85% of the original so that big skirts fit on the page, but for the last few… or more than few… I got it in my head it was 80%. I just checked, you’re right — this one is just a little too small, but if I resize the original to 85% it fits the PDF-sized doll perfectly. This may also explain Sarah’s problem with printing them off. I’m so sorry! I don’t think it’ll be a hard fix, just a tedious one, and I will do it this weekend. I don’t suppose you know when the dresses stopped fitting? I’m sure the last three at least are 80%…

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