Recolored Regency Gown in Bright Colors

A lavender regency gown trimmed with white lace at the neck and sleeves. The sleeves are gently puffed and the bodice is ruched, trimmed on the right side with red roses and blue forget-me-nots. Under the bust is a pink ribbon sash decorated with a scroll pattern. The dress fabric is decorated with small embroidered white flowers, then at the edge of the skirt are pink swags, trimmed with lace, with pink hearts, red roses and blue forget-me-nots at the top of each swag. Intricate white embroidery surrounds the flowers. Under the swags are pleated turquoise frills that fan out to the ground and are trimmed with white lace. Long white gloves are attached to the outfit, and there is a pink wrap over the arms that is decorated with a shiny gold paisley pattern. At the neck is a thin gold chain and a pearl pendant.I didn’t finish the dress I meant to have up today (the contest winner), so for now, I will present the recoloring chosen by one of the two winners of my Oscar contest, dannyscotland! Technically, it was chosen by her 5-year old daughter, and it did turn out to be vibrant. She wrote:

I have consulted with my ‘assistant’ a.k.a. daughter, and she would like to have you color the Valentine’s Day Regency Gown. For five years old, she’s pretty specific, so please feel free to alter as you see fit. :-) And thanks for understanding. She (and I, I guess) would love to see turquoise gloves and bottom ruffle, a pink shawl, lavender dress (the body of the dress), red roses, and pink draping over the bottom ruffle, kind of like it is now. Maybe it could be a different shade of pink?

Dannyscotland, I hope you and your daughter like it! It was fun for me, because the finished dress is quite different from the original, but it does some fun things in and of itself. The blue of the ruffle actually complements the forget-me-nots, and with the lavender background, you can see that there is a very subtle swirl pattern on the fabric, which was pretty hard to see on the earlier version.

The top part of a blue gown with a delicate darker blue vine and white flower pattern and puffed sleeves. There are a line of pearls at the neckline and a wide gold belt with pearls.But wait – that’s not all there is today! RLC of Paper Thin Personas has been doing interviews with paper doll bloggers lately, and for this month, she interviewed me! Check out the interview for my thoughts on why I love paper dolls, how I created the pose for the new doll series and whether I prefer sparkly things with some shine or shiny things with some sparkle. Plus, I did a blue princess gown exclusively for RLC’s site! If you’d like to see and download the full dress, you’ll have to check out the interview.

Come back next week for the 1912 gown with colors and patterns chosen by my husband! (I’ll give you a hint: Beetles.) I’ll do the poll next week, too. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for site updates, paperdoll thoughts and very pretty opals. If you enjoy my work, I’d also appreciate your support through Patreon.

15 thoughts on “Recolored Regency Gown in Bright Colors

  1. I think the dress is kinda cute, Liana! I guess dannyscotland’s daughter did well :) I also love the dress you did for the interview.


    1. Thank you! I really am happy with that interview dress, too :) I think it was the first time I’ve done that kind of transparency in a digitally colored dress, and it taught me a lot. (I used it again in the Otohime dress, but that actually was finished after the blue interview dress.)

  2. Love the bright colors! I always loved the pictures my kids colored when they were little, with whatever bright colors they liked. They always looked like such happy pictures! Loved the interview! The dress is really lovely! Thank you!

    1. I checked in the system and it looks like Liana made a typo when she added the PDF for download. I just fixed that so the link should be working fine now. Please let us know if you have any trouble with it.

  3. From Karina, “Thank you for coloring in my dress. I like it very much. I love the dress that you made. Thank you.” She was feeling shy I guess. When I showed it to her, her eyes lit up, her jaw dropped and she just stared at it for five minutes. She is OVER THE MOON for it! It’s beautiful Liana, and I can’t thank you enough because you seriously just made this little girl’s day. Thank you so very very much!!!

  4. Dress Up has ripped off some of your dresses in a game titled “Princess Birthday Party”!

  5. Hi Liana,
    I’ve been reading your blog for months and your artwork is gorgeous. This dress is beautiful!! The Regency era of costume is one of my top two favorite eras and you’ve done an amazing job on this dress- both on the original and on this recolor.

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