1930s Gown In Hot Pink with Gold Flower Pattern

A 1930's style evening gown. It is sleeveless, and has a deep V neck with ruching at the shoulders and chest. It has a peplum around the hips and a long, fitted skirt that flares out slightly at the ankles. The entire gown is a vibrant, dramatic hot pink. There are thin gold lines around the neckline and the hem of the peplum, and the skirt is patterned with large abstract flowers rendered in thin gold lines.Click for larger version (PNG); click for PDF version. Click here for the list of dolls.

You may be sick of seeing this dress by now, but this has been a fabulous week for me! I’ve learned so much about coloring with Photoshop. I’ve also learned how dangerous it might be. If I’m using colored pencils, once I select colors, patterns and decorations and start working I’m pretty locked into whatever my vision might be. With Photoshop, I can spend more hours than are healthy for me changing the same dress over and over. (The top of yesterday’s dress spent time as black sequins, silver sequins, light blue and finally the white you see.) I also need to start designing my own brushes and patterns… I have several of them but I’m just getting that DIY feeling, you know? In any case, I think this whole digital coloring thing is going to be plenty of fun for me. Hopefully you all are enjoying it too. Next week will be another dress. I don’t know if I’ll keep up the once-a-day thing: I think that long-term I’ll go for a Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule. But while I’m just playing around with old dresses, I’ll try to do a new one each day.

Today’s dress is for Dannyscotland, who guessed that Milo’s favorite food is yogurt. At least, in my opinion it is! He can’t really tell me, but he chomps it up most enthusiastically each morning. She wrote:

I would love to see some kind of classy looking pinkish shade. I know, some people hate pink. I love it. But it could be like a fuschia-bright shade, it doesn’t have to be a super-baby-girly pink. Ohhh with a little gold or silver trim, that would be gorgeous.

So here you have it! I really like how it turned out. The brush I used for the trim on the skirt is from a set by Jen at Pixels & Ice Cream.

I just can’t resist my polls…

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