Golden Yellow and Blue 1700s Gown

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Shannon won the contest before last for guessing which kid I was in this picture: I’m the girl with short brown hair to the top right, underneath the outstretched arm of the boy on the chair. There are pictures of me on the “about” page and on my Twitter feed, so you can see how I turned out. She wrote:

Yaay! Lucky guess. :) I would looove to see the black and white 1700s dress colored in a golden yellow and royal (tending navy) blue with cream lace.

It reminds me of the other time I colored this gown, but it’s cute in its own right! I hope you like it, Shannon.

26 thoughts on “Golden Yellow and Blue 1700s Gown

  1. Well, I’m not one to like yellow, but I agree that it is cute. It’s a May dress. I like it. :)

  2. love the blue and yellow!

    I was looking through your old dresses and I absolutely love love the dresses from Firefly that you did. Any chance of drawing more? :)

  3. Cute! ;) Does anyone know how to put the dresses on the dolls online? I remember someone saying they found out…

  4. David Pierce kneeled at his mother’s grave. This wasn’t where he wanted to be. He had to find the truth about his mother’s death. He knew that his father, Jacob Pierce, was hiding something. David wept. I have to find the truth, he thought. He had lost hope.
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    David nodded.
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  5. Emma! Thats amazing! It sounds like a book I would Love to read! I’m still trying to figure out a story that will sound good with this dress! I hate writers block…

  6. your story is great…i think im going to post part of my story too, but not on this blog…
    im going to post it on another paperdoll blog by my friend…i put my name with a link for it…

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