Green and Red Elf Gown

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So this dude named Brian won my Academy Awards contest, and he wrote:

In an alternate version of “The Lord of The Rings”, the Council of Elrond determines that the only way to get the One Ring safely to Mordor is to deliver it using an iconic promotional vehicle from 20th century American culture. Please color the black and white elf gown (with circlet) to suit an fair elfin maiden as she pilots the following vehicle to Mordor:

This guy is obviously bad news, but he won, so I guess I’d better humor him…

Nah, just kidding. He’s my beloved husband, which usually disqualifies him from my contests, but since I was open to having multiple winners for that particular contest I thought I might as well give him a chance for once. I rather ended up regretting it; somehow, when faced with such a description, my normal creativity deserted me entirely.

“I won it fair and square,” he says. “Not saying ya didn’t,” I reply. “But I’m excluded from the future ones, right?” “Well, I usually reset it every year…” “I’m excluded for bad behavior.” “Yeah, I think so.”

Anyways, I’ve put it off for all this time, but I thought I had better just get it done and hopefully never think of it again. So here we have the ketchup-swirled tunic with mustard yellow borders over a gown patterned with an abstract relish-and-white onion design; a mustard yellow circlet completes the ensemble. Oh well. This is why I do the paperdolls and he writes snarky things on Twitter.

Help me get the taste of this one out of my mouth (rimshot) – let’s do a new contest! Thanks to Brian for suggesting the question for me, as penance. Winner, as always, gets to tell me how to color a black-and-white dress (and please please choose pretty colors).

What (present-day) US state was my great-grandfather born in? At the time, my great-great-grandparents owned a hardware store in a boom town.

Update: Nikki guessed it! He was born in Skagway, Alaska.

63 thoughts on “Green and Red Elf Gown

  1. I love when Brian wins a contest. He has interesting taste.:) I have a question I know you did some dresses from the movie Titanic for the older blog and doll and I was just wondering if you would consider doing some for the current doll.

  2. Oh Brian… how thy fashion-tastes disturb me so. If it’s any consolation, the relish trim IS sort of interesting. (The color scheme…) Ah well. I’m going to guess Virginia.

  3. Hm.. I’m going with Ohio. That seems like a popular state. And I don’t think the dress is that bad :) That could be because I like Lord of the Rings though…

  4. I was going to guess California… but now I’m gonna say Nevada. The dress isn’t as bad as you think :) but that’s maybe because I liked it as a black and white.

  5. I’m gonna have to say Michigan! LOVE THE DRESS!!! My boyfriend loves it too, so I think you have a new follower!

  6. Being from New Zealand, I’m not very familiar with US states… So I’ll guess (extremely randomly) Illinois?

  7. i was going to guess virginia, but two people, TWO! already guessed it…oh well
    i guess… Ochlahoma…i spelled that wrong
    no, 3 people guessed virginia

  8. As a canadian EH? I don’t really know us states that well. I would have guessed washington but Instead I think I’ll try oregon

  9. I think maybe California?
    And also Liana, could you draw a evrsion of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress for the current doll, please?

  10. I’ve been looking forward to this one XD You did a great job, I would never guess what it was inspired by.
    I’m guessing Minnesota?

  11. Liana and Brian,
    I have no words
    Please don’t do this again
    for the love of all things paperdoll
    Never again


  12. I love your husband’s sense of humor. I can see Liv Tyler driving the Wienermobile now! Great fun and a lovely dress too!

  13. WOW…i have no words to say about this dress…I can’t decide whether I’m totally in love with it or if I hate it…hmm…

  14. I saw that comment way back when. I like the dress style and the green color, could you make it black and white? I want to color it.. if it isn’t too much trouble.

  15. Oh, and I forgot to say something. I was going to choose the bat costume when I won, but didn’t know what colors to choose. Nikki’s choice sounds very pretty!

  16. I can safely say that clicking your link to the wienermobile AND seeing the LOtR dress making a reappearance made my day almost as receiving my ‘Browncoat’s Records’ Miranda and the Fireflies t-shirt :) Thank you!

  17. Oh, gosh, I came too late!
    Well, even though the dress is a bit…out there…it’s kind of hilariously ironic…and the design is good, too! The colors…well…cute. They’re cute. ^^

  18. If you’re not doing the wedding dress (sounds like your mind is made up), would you at least do a dress or two with really outrageous hats? Some of them were really out of this world! :-)

  19. I really enjoy your husbands imagination. This dress is very ideal for the car. :) I’m glad you give him a chance to influence your art every one in awhile. One of my favorite dresses was the mrs Pac Man one. It seems like he challenges you and you rise to the occasion and make something beautiful!

  20. …my third comment but i am obsessed with the royal wedding gowns. what if you made pippa middleton’s dress? because it doesn’t have sheer fabric and you won’t have to make 7 of them :) again i apologize for my rudeness in past comments

  21. talking about the royal wedding, am i the only one who thought her reception gown was prettier than her wedding gown? Then again, I’m not that big a fan of her wedding gown. but it seems i’m the only one.

  22. Oh, I think this dress is great!! The design is plenty abstract enough that I didn’t think “ketchup and relish” when I first saw it. And the colours are hyper-bright, but I really love that green—it reminds me of spring—and the red complements it quite nicely. I for one would enjoy the above-threatened month of Brian-inspired fashion :D He may have unusual ideas, but you seem very capable of turning them into things of beauty!

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