Celtic Gown in Green and Gold with Clovers for St. Patrick’s Day

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Hey, happy St. Patrick’s Day! (As if I need an excuse for a green dress.)

This is a vaguely Celtic-style gown with red and white clover flowers and four-leaf clovers. Unsurprisingly, I like this style of dress, but — not having much familiarity with Celtic or Irish anything — I have no idea if it’s actually based in any sort of Irish historical fact, or if it’s more of a modern creation mainly suited for Renaissance fairs. Things like that bother me more than they should, and I tried to figure it out, but after about 6:00 a sort of feeling of “Whatever, it’ll be pretty, stop fussing over details” comes over me and I just draw what I have… Still, I think I’ll file this one under “fantasy” and not “historical.”

27 thoughts on “Celtic Gown in Green and Gold with Clovers for St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Happy St. Patrick’s day Liana, this dress is amazing as always, I am busy fighting with my friend Erin who has also posted a comment about who get this dress… WE LOVE IT!!!

  2. I’ll throw in my two cents–probably not really historical, but it would fit in perfectly at a Renaissance festival! (Women used to wear a shift and kirtle or surcoat–like a long over-tunic that belted at the waist–and before that I think it was all loose tunics and skirts. Most things were loose or laced up somewhere because there was no rubber for elastic and clingy garments were hard to make. But I’m not a historian at all so, yeah.)

    I’d still wear this to faire if I could!!

  3. I’m Irish and proud of it but just recently started figuring out my culture so I have no idea if this is accurate or not XD But it’s pretty and that’s what counts, ne? :)

  4. for accuracy issues, it’s pretty close but for the sleeves. Do a google search for the ‘moy gown’. it was a gown found in a peat bog… generally, medieval gowns have small sleeves a way to save fabric (the houpelande being a major exception).

    LOVE your dress… :)

  5. It’s really nice! I love the sash, (or maybe belt? I think it’s a sash, but..) and how it incorporated the clover. I still can’t get how to exactly to the gathered effect, but I’m close. Out of curiosity, what’s your favorite color?

  6. now THIS is my kinda’ dress!!!! I think this has to be my fav you’ve done so far! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!
    Happy St. Patricks Day ya’ll!!

  7. Gotta admit, I know nothing about Celtic or Irish culture, either, Liana, so you are not alone there.
    But, on the dress? Trying to think of a different adjective than “gorgeous”…and…failing…so I’ll go with gorgeous for now. But, later, I’m going to think of a better one for this great dress!

  8. Every little detail of this dress is absolutly beautiful…no it’s PERFECT! I have a very little amount of irish in me…I guess that’s where I got my red hair…

  9. I actually am an actor at a medieval faire, and the dress is not far off. The lovely tops of the sleeves you have are a bit fanciful, but the larger, wide sleeves did come into style as the 15th century wore on. It was a sign of wealth if you could afford the fabric for trailing sleeves. Also, it’s probably a bit low-cut, and would definitely have had a chemise underneath it. The chemise would have had long, fitted sleeves underneath, often in a contrasting color.

    For example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Christine_de_Pisan_and_Queen_Isabeau_detail.jpg

  10. Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Historical accuracy is highly over-rated; in my reading,it seems that history is chock full of everyone being underfed, damp, cranky, and a bit grubby about the edges. Fantasy is much more fun!–Oh, and did I mention that I think that this lovely dress of yours is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day?!

  11. St-Patrick used a three leaf clover to explain the holy trinity while on missionary. Three identities, one being. Four leaf clovers, symbol of luck were introduced at festivities later on. The tradition and true story of saint patrick’s day has been lost in festivities.

  12. I am Irish and am so happy with the St. Patrick’s day dress. The belt or sash is a perfect addition. Love it.

  13. Words cannot adequately describe my admiration and adoration of this dress!!!!!
    My weakest attempt would be to say it’s beautiful!!!
    I’m in love with it!!

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